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How can we translate our knowledge for economic advantage?

fooz! is founded in 2017 to promote high-quality "Made in italy" products nationally and internationally. Oh yes, we are talking about that famous "Made in Italy", often studied in textbooks but relatively unknown in practical field.

Our idea is to promote agriculture, one of the most important activities in the South of Italy, by keeping our territory's peculiarities intact. Whether you are looking for B2B or B2C, give fooz! a try.

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Andre Bagoez Islami | Posted 3 months, 2 weeks ago

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Hasanuddin Adja | Posted 3 months, 4 weeks ago

A lot of "Made in Italy" are great product. Most of them also well-known in practical field. Let's consider the automotive sector, Lamborghini, Ferari, and Ducati are big name in the industry. The fashion sector is also well-known. In my opinion. There is wont any difficulties to promote anything from Italy in quality.

B2B & B2C Marketing are commonly use for marketers across the globe. With the advantages of B2B & B2C marketing system, it wont be hard to change the habit with minimum impact.

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Khoa Trần | Posted 4 months ago

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Elric Drost | Posted 4 months ago

It's important that Fooz! will have a real use case not just another token on the blockchain because it sounds cool. What is the incentive for token holders to hold the Fooz! token.

- Will they have profits?
- Do they get a discount on products?
- What does the token itself do, besides existing?

If you find some good use case, you will have to find a way to facilitate/create a large user base. Maybe there is another italian food brand that already has a large group of costumers, that wil complament great with the olive oil that you want to sell to people intrested in these kind of products. They can profit from your promotion and give their costumers some extra's maybe and in the mean time also promote your products and get them to know what you are doing!

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Travis Onderdunk | Posted 4 months ago

Economic Advice for you ☺
Made in Italy.
Every focus must be to Export large.

Olives and grapes are Italy’s two most lucrative agricultural exports. don't just concrete on hot products

Know Italy is major exporter of field crops like rice, which is grown mostly on the Po plain. Maize also is grown in that area of your interests.

Do not focus your subjects on a specific area or location in the italy. Look out for more opportunities outside the mooning zone. Channel towards Emilia-Romagna it is a region in northern Italy, extending from the Apennine Mountains to the Po River in the north, the specialise on that crop.

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Cemplon Amy | Posted 4 months ago

in Indonesia more use oil from palm oil. so less familiar if zaiyun oil is made for food

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Colak Colek | Posted 4 months ago

Italian knowledge has spread out in worldwide, as in motorcycle there is Ducati as often shown in MotoGP. There are lot Italian people such as Valentino Rossi the legend of MotoGP, while ‘Extra virgin olive oil’ as the other things from Italy which will very famous later after introduced by Fooz!...This Extra virgin olive oil ideally refers to the oil produced when someone crush olives, but the final high standard is determined by a number of other factors. Some highly influential features are present well before the olives hit the press.

There is a Chief Oil maker of the award-winning Cobram Estate Extra Virgin Olive Oils, Leandro Ravetti, the fruit of the olive trees, “has to be disease-free, harvested at the right time and processed immediately.” This will require high technology approach to produce such oil. It should be no chemicals to be added and no temperature treatments. According to additional comment from Ravetti, the chemical composition of the oil has to pass a large number of tests and meet a range of strict standards. Incredible process to achieve the highest quality product.

To take care and handle this extra virgin olive oil will need super attention as the extra virgin olive oil deteriorates over time, so maintaining the quality during distribution will be not easy.
By utilizing blockchain technology inside Fooz!, above high standards and handling will be carried out properly and the world will get the true of extra-virgin olive oil to be followed by other Italian food product with the highest quality and standard.

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King Master | Posted 4 months ago

Italy? There are lot of things to be talked with Italy....Very famous around the world, Milano with the fashion style and art....The world champion cup of footballer, one of the top is Italy...Juventus, AC Milan and Inter Milan...Ferrary?Lamborghini? They are all Italian product with worldclass quality and popularity....These words? Pininfarina, Zagato, Bertone, Italdesign Giugiaro dan Carrozzeria Ghia...are world class Italian design house. Other? Piaggio, Tuscany...., Armani, Benetton, FIAT, Bulgari, Diadora, Gucci, Prada....And now Italian food? Pizza.....Lasagna, Spaghetti, Gelato, Tiramisu, Carbonara....
Still a lot of very famous words are Italian....
If Fooz! talk as Italian, I believe it will not difficult as lot of words as above are famous around the world as no 1 quality. Who doesn't know Ferrary or Lamborghini? Or in Football as Allessandro Del Piero, Filippo Inzaghi, Paolo Maldini? There will not a big difficulty to promote anything from Italy in quality, the world has known them.
Pizza has spread around the world, this kind of food has become all people food around the world. So between B2B or B2C, there will not be a big difficulty. I know an Italian company in Oil & Gas, ENI and Rina. One in Oil & Gas operator and the other one in Service provider for all industry, they enter into a country without lot of problem. Seems easy to enter the country and compete with the existing company.
I fully believe in quality of Italian product, now the food produce e-commerce platform to be started with extra-virgin olive oil then supported with blockchain...This combination will be on top and there will not be any difficulty to rise into top as other top brand and words from Italy.
Moreover it the strategy to promote your product to be engaged with other Italian product that has established around the world, just in second to be on top.

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Hassan Tarif | Posted 4 months ago

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Yang Shuyong | Posted 3 months, 2 weeks ago

Please do not copy from other users. Or you will be banned permanently.

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Peyman Rmi | Posted 4 months, 2 weeks ago

the first step to making a powerful industry and economy is food and agriculture
your attention to this important field is excellent
i think it could be a great successful platform

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Elena Preston | Posted 4 months, 3 weeks ago

To keep your territory's peculiarities intact, and get economic advantage, one way could be to make sure that the term 'Bio' is associated with blockchain, your blockchain. Italy, and especially the South is an amazing source of natural high quality products, starting by olive oil.

Every harvest (by hand or machine) can be put on blockchain as transaction with all info (location, farm name, olive quality, even photo of the field) and each bottle could show this info in a QR code for example

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Tongpangtir Pongener | Posted 4 months, 4 weeks ago

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Airdrop Hunter | Posted 4 months, 4 weeks ago

FOOZ! DREAM COME TRUE = world where access to genuine food is easy and convenient. People are rediscovering the satisfaction of eating locally sourced food, therefore we'd like to give back to Agriculture that dignity that seems to be lost with the Mass Distribution Chain. To our eyes, farmers are modern times heroes and we are here to support all heroes.

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WILLIAM CARBONE | Posted 4 months, 3 weeks ago

Thanks @airdrop for your comment, happy to see our value proposition and mission being spread! :)

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Dusan Filipovic | Posted 4 months, 4 weeks ago

Generally, products coming from Italy are very well ranked. So anyone who turns their attention to quality just to choose, especially those that are known as Olive Oil. Today's trends and the market require healthy food and healthy products, this is something that is very important for the future, and for the development of agriculture and with new technologies that are becoming more and more represented in the world.

As regards the use of knowledge in the capacity of creating an advantage, the availability of the product and the availability of the platform is very important. . You do it very well.

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Syarif Ayib | Posted 5 months ago

olive oil is a pretty good product to market, because it is not only used as food but also used as ingredients for beauty products, so Fooz has taken the right steps, especially with the blockchain system

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Zexro Indra | Posted 5 months ago

in indonesia the production of olive oil is very little. because most are only in use as massage oil and cosmetic ingredients. rarely used as food.
unlike in italy and europe, olive oil is widely used as a food maker.
so for marketing is still limited.

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Linton Brown | Posted 5 months ago

The idea of this project is remarkable, because very few even rarely try to promote agricultural products, especially this project also focuses on the peculiarities of a country that is ITALY, this is very impressive. because there will be many people who will remember Fooz as the food produce e-commerce with the distinctive characteristics of ITALIA and the farm. Good luck guys

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Bang Pateng | Posted 5 months ago

I think, the project you created is very good. This project can make others more active farming :)

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jbm386 | Posted 5 months ago

I guess I don't understand how your going to use the blockchain to help with your promotion of "Made in Italy" olive oil. I can find "made in Italy" olive oil in most grocery stores in the United States and pricing is very brand dependent. I could maybe see authenticating the location that the product was produced and shipped from could be done using the blockchain but not really sure what else your platform would be looking to that's different from a traditional eCommerce platform.

I tend to think winning awards for your olive oil or getting our the marketing messages by using a spokesperson or getting wholesale distributors to pitch it to restaurants instead of competitors.

I would think Italian silk or leather would be more to useful to prove verification using the blockchain.

Actually what about really high-end Italian wines? That would be a good way to use that "Made in Italy" strategy using blockchain verification since margin in high-end wines are high.

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Thola El-Rezky | Posted 5 months ago

this is a very good idea, so the world community knows how Italians farm because all the products from Italy are famous for their quality.

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GomberS ID | Posted 5 months ago

yes I think it is very nice because it can introduce the way of farming. so other peoples can learn how to farm the Italian community and also indirectly introduce the culture

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Abhishek Ag | Posted 5 months ago

Fooz! is the best platform to translate knowledge for economic advantages, Fooz!
Extra-virgin olive oil nice choice for starting e-commerce Platform, it'll be good for B2B or B2C Peoples in the market, many brands available with the label of "Made in Italy", and they compete each other for the proof of authenticity.

Every one wants healthy life & fooz! Giving us best food produce e-commerce decentralized platform, where can Buy 100% organic items and with help of blockchain we can verify the authenticity of the product.

In this scenario every wants to involve in blockchain technology and this is the best medium for translate knowledge for open markets and business to consume's benefit by using FooZ!

And your idea is to promote agriculture, you need to more open for promote your platform,because success of your platform makes people will attract and consumers will more confident for buying the items

I hope You will get huge success in all over world.

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Ethan Loosbrock | Posted 5 months ago

Peter Thiel and other venture capitalists recommend to figure out the distribution of your product as both the biggest competitive advantage as well as a significant risk if not solved. You'll need to answer:
1. How do you get information and products in front of buying customers?
2. How do you send the product with low enough costs so as to maintain your margins?
3. What sales channels are effective in converting buying customers?

Best of luck, and looking forward to seeing your product!

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Randy Tice | Posted 5 months ago

The way you translate knowledge to your economic advantage using fooz! is by making the blockchain experience smooth and accessible for the common consumer.

So more than wondering if extra-virgin olive oil is a good choice (it is!), as a potential future customer I am more interested in how easy and accessible it is to order through you.

I couldn't find any useable product or platform, just screenshots on your website, so when will you have a testable beta version ready? Letting us and the public test it out will be essential for early penetration into the market.

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Mel Magno | Posted 5 months ago

As a restaurateur in my country in SE Asia, I can say that 'Made in Italy' products are held in high regard by the local restaurant industry, and is synonymous to pure, high quality and fresh ingredients. Italian olive oil for one, and balsamic vinegar are staples in our recipes because they just taste better than most products that are available in the market. So, i feel that you already have a competitive advantage in that respect. You are on the right track with brand reputation.

With cable shows that regularly feature Italian cooking, like David Rocco, a lot of regions in Asia are already captive market for Italian food products. All you need to do is amplify these kind of programs in social media platforms to reinforce audience awareness and loyalty to such products.

Blockchain will translate this market awareness into actual economic benefit for your platform by marketing the convenience and price advantage aspects to these same captive market by using Fooz. Again, all you need to do is educate the market on how easy it is to use blockchain and take advantage of its benefits to businesses and end customers by using your platform.

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Jpm Magno | Posted 5 months ago

Yes let's start with virgin olive oil B2C Business to consumer, i have seen so many brands of olive oil in my country labelled with "Made in Italy" but without the blockchain there is no way that I can verify the origin/authenticity of the product.

Maybe a year ago, i have seen some video in Facebook regarding fake olive oil. Some of the brands are the ones that we used to buy. The video told that some brands were claiming pure olive oil but real deal is, they were mixed with vegetable oil. Consumers often seek the label on buying high quality produce and "Made in Italy" is one of them.

The success of your platform will increase the confidence of the consumers in buying the items by just trusting/reading the label.

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Fatalninuda . | Posted 5 months ago

I imagine you already have suppliers lined up, the only step you need to do now is finding new consumers or to market your service to the incumbents.

I hear healthy life influencers are cray for olive oil, so contacting a few most known on the youtube does the trick, gifting your oil to other media personalities that have an excuse to show it to their following works too.

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