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Arkane is a technology provider that offers enterprises a platform to develop products and services that interact with blockchain. 

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Introducing Arkane Network

  Hello Crowdholders,    We are happy to introduce ourselves. Arkane is a cross-blockchain wallet provider packed with a powerful API for app developers. It can be used as a building block to create multi-chain DApps with automatic wallet creation for users or to integrate with existing applications to be made interoperable with all other supported DApps within the Arkane Network.     So far eight blockchains, including Ethereum, Tron, and Bitcoin are all supported by Arkane Network, which means that Arkane will give Ethereum and Tron DApps the ability to support Bitcoin, and vice-versa.   Furthermore, Arkane provides intra-wallet token swaps between the same blockchain network as a solution to the very many different native tokens which support their individual apps, which includes Ethereum token swaps.   For example, users can directly swap all VeChain assets, VET/VTHO and any VIP180 token, within the Arkane supported wallet and with no additional fee. It is as simple as selecting a preferred token from a drop-down menu and entering a 6-digit code, similar to how funds are transferred between accounts in a familiar banking app.   Now for your input:    Go ahead and check out our website here. Feel free to sign up and try our wallet ecosystem.   Questions to consider:    What are your first impressions?   With so many blockchains coming out, thus different wallets to connect to, do you see yourself using Arkane’s multi-wallet functionality?   We look forward to your feedback!   Cheers,  Arkane Team 
228 votes
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