Building a Boundless Blockchain Reality

Achain is a public blockchain platform enabling developers of all levels of experience to issue tokens, smart contracts, create applications and blockchain systems. Achain is committed to building a global blockchain network that facilitates information exchange and value transactions.

Achain was originally developed by the Singapore-based nonprofit organization, Achain Foundation, which is co-constructed and co-maintained by its fan communities around the world. At its early stage of development in 2015, Achain proposed its blueprints of technological innovations, including modular design and smart sandbox, which cultivates a more stable and secure network for decentralized applications on its platform.

As the blockchain technology made further advancement, Achain has achieved great technology achievements on a single-blockchain and multi-blockchain network with more than one year’s development. As we have observed industry trends and our product development, the Achain team has updated our strategic roadmap.

We will continue to preserve the three-stage existing roadmap:
1. Singularity (single blockchain network)
2. Galaxy (multi-blockchain network)
3. Cosmos (cross-chain network)

In addition, we will vertically extend Galaxy (multi-blockchain network) to enrich its content to include cutting-edge technology for various business scenarios.  Achain will develop blockchain networks to address solutions for several business use cases.

Achain 2019 roadmap :
Q1: Plan the Achain Galaxy system and release the new multi-blockchain strategy.
Q2: Launch the Achain 2.0 test network.
Q3: Launch the Achain 2.0 main network. Onboard multifarious DApps to access Achain 2.0 main network.
Q4: Achain multi-blockchain Galaxy ecosystem framework will be released with projects on the multi-blockchain Galaxy to be launched.

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