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First Derm is an award-winning, scientific research-backed online dermatology service with over 19,000 skin concerns answered.

Featured on Wired, CNET, USA Today and Forbes, First Derm is one of the oldest and largest online dermatology groups, serving over 160 countries in six languages. All of our dermatologists are board-certified, vetted and trained in teledermatology. 

Get an expert answer on your concern and get peace of mind within hours. Starting at $32.99 USD

No names, accounts or registration necessary--users are always kept anonymous. 24/7 online customer support.

Common concerns include: 

• Acne, including acne vulgaris, pimples and blemishes on face, back and chest
• Eczema
• Folliculitis (ingrown hair)
• Hives
• Borrelia, bug bites and insect bites
• Male hair loss, alopecia
• Skin cancer, moles, changing moles, melanoma, actinic keratosis
• Cold sores, fever blisters, herpes simplex virus
• Rosacea
• Dandruff, seborrheic dermatitis, dry scalp, scaly scalp
• Dry skin, chapped skin 
• Psoriasis
• Wrinkles and skin care
• Intimate questions
• STD / STI 

SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH BACKED – First Derm’s technology has been used in peer reviewed scientific papers and in hospitals. 

8-HOUR, 24-HOUR and 48-HOUR RESPONSE TIME GUARANTEED - First Derm responds within hours

BOARD-CERTIFIED DERMATOLOGISTS –Dermatologists on First Derm are board-certified with over 10 years of specialized training at top medical institutions and vetted by a senior medical advisory board.

100% ANONYMOUS – No identifiable information is needed. Your information is encrypted and always kept on secure servers.

SHARE YOUR ANSWER AND JUMP THE QUEUE – For more serious cases, First Derm ­recommends a face-to-face with a dermatologist. Use the app to find a dermatologist, pediatrician and pharmacy near you. Show your dermatologist your answer from First Derm; our users see a dermatologist two weeks faster than the US average.

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