Dairy Free. As it Should Be high in protein, low in sugar and absolutely delicious.

Ripple Foods is a food-tech startup that makes a dairy-free milk alternative.


The dairy-alternative beverages market is a fast growing segment. Ripple brings high protein back to the category (8x the amount in almond milk, which is equivalent to dairy milk), while keeping sugar low and maintaining an appealing flavor. 2017 will bring expansion past Whole Foods and Target into a wide range of grocery stores as well as new product launches.


We are convinced the beat of a butterfly wing can produce a wave of change and we love to flap our wings!


We see a world where everything is connected. That’s why we’re inspired not by grand plans or heroic gestures, but by simple choices each of us will make everyday. Like what’s for breakfast.


We don’t claim that making plant-based foods will save the world...but we think it can help. And we know it makes us happier and healthier.


We believe it’s the simple things that mean the most. We floss. We recycle. We take the stairs. And we tell our loved ones that we love them. Because the little things add up.


When it comes to our food, we reject sacrifice. Tasty & good for you? Nutritious and creamy deliciousness? NOT mutually exclusive.


We are as playfully ambitious and bashfully confident now as we were when we were toddlers.

Learn more about Ripple on their website.

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