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Innovative and Novel DApps - Golem

Innovative and Novel DApps - Golem



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Innovative and Novel DApps - Golem


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Hello Crowdholding community!
Today, I would like to try something different as I want to showcase you a cool DApp I found that some of you may heard of.

As the headline reveals, the DApp I want to share is called Golem. 
I think the technology they offer is truly revolutionary and it just might be the next big thing. So, what is the purpose of Golem?

Golem's vision is to have a giant, decentralized and accessible super-computer. What it means is you can rent a computing time of this super-computer and use its processing power. There are many usecases for this concept. 

  • For example, rendering animations is an incredibly power-hungry process (it took almost 199 days of nonstop rendering to create movie 'Big Hero 6'!) and not everyone can afford to have the processing power Disney has.

  • Many scientific projects could also find the use of such super-computer and it might lead to many new discoveries.

  • We hear the word AI a lot more now but it is a bit hard accessible for the average developer. With having this extensive power available to creators, having many cool and exciting projects on the rise is bound to happen.

So how exactly does it work? To participate, user can connect their computer to Golem's network, doesn't matter if it is a single computer or a massive farm. According to the power they provide, they receive GNT token. Tokens can be sold or you could buy more of them and rent the computing time of this super-machine. I like how the token has a natural and fluid cycle in this system

With the appearance of using such farms for external gaming (look at Google Stadia), I think this project can have a very succesful future ahead. You could essentially play games in their highest definition on almost any sort of computer.

So what do you think?
I have some questions for you:

  1. Can you find some usescases where you would like to use this super-computer?

  2. Do you see the potential this project could bring?

  3. Is there something you would be critical about this DApp?

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Rapheal Ngene expert

In this our world of the increase in cloud applications there will be a great need for projects such as this, it will help in a lot of cases from helping and reducing the computers clound users will purchase to make faster for a user of heavy computing such as those involve in development. It will also help business a lot to reduce cost and also to make faster for them. It might even some way in helping online gamers and e-fantasy gamers by providing more power for them to be able to reach and serve their needs and also their purpose. The only concern here is security of individuals data and the poilicy nehind thses data, because this will be the defining factor of the whole project.

3 months ago

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3 months ago


I think it would be interesting if part of the time of this technology could be used for social purposes. For example, it would be interesting to create a database of analysis for cancer patients that allows to see the evolution and those that with the same symptoms have been able to be cured of the disease. I think it is important that we use this series of technological advances to make a better world. If someone is interested in developing it here you have a volunteer

3 months ago

Jorsh Warsh new user

1.  Purchasing tickets online (Ticketmaster).  This could possibly handle thousands of people trying to all buy tickets at once.

2.  No, not on a personal level.  A giant corporation could have the use for this.  They would also be able to afford it.

3.  I don't like the idea of having to connect your computer to this network.  Prove to me that your computer and network are secure before I would consider giving you money or connecting my own computer.

3 months ago

1. Can you find some usescases where you would like to use this super-computer?

Although I see that Golem can have a lot of utilities, I will name those that really for me can be more useful and attractive (I am a Biomedical Engineer and research on diabetes through Bigdata and AI).
a) First of all, Golem can be useful for any type of application that uses Artificial Intelligence, especially videogames, which today are booming and most of them already use AI. It could be very useful for videogame developers.
b) Secondly, a greater utility could have in the case of the investigation. Not only those that use AI, but those that have to process large amounts of data (another hot topic lately). For example, in my Lab we process millions of data and computers fall short, so we need supercomputers. Apart from this, it could also be useful for in-silico research, in order to make simulations with large amounts of data and in a much shorter time.

2. Do you see the potential this project could bring?

The potential of this project is that it deals with the most relevant and necessary issues of today's society, BigData and Artificial Intelligence. The good thing is that it brings novelties and efficiency to this field.

3. Is there something you would be critical about this DApp?

More than critical, it would be a lack of information. How would you deal with security and hacking? This is a very delicate subject that has been talked about a lot lately. As well as the data protection policy, which is linked because these are very susceptible to being stolen.

3 months ago

Igor Silverio senior

Looks interesting and I think it has potential.

It's nice to see a new project which has a genuinely new and novel product and an innovative approach to solving real problems.

Replacing the way the web works is obviously a hugely ambitious undertaking and because of that this project is way more likely to fail that to succeed, but the other side of that same coin is that it could be really huge if it makes any signficiant headway towards that goal. The price of the token at the moment doesn't seem too high so if you have money you are willing to lock up for a long time and take a big risk with then this looks to me like a good punt which could pay off massively.

3 months ago

Karen M guru

Why do you post the same comment on every task? That's not helping the creators.

3 months ago

This was a promising currency for the crypto platform they uses crypto for energy it will give a big impact for everbody. Good job for the for making a great project for community.

The venus project was great for the face of large-scale environmental pollution environment and  it offers good alternative way for energy.

Extraction of cryptocurrency using electricity generated from renewable sources of energy. What is a symbiosis between the socially responsible idea of "Way to a Green World"  and a well-built financial model that will allow you to earn more than 24 cryptocurrencies and provide income for all depositors.

3 months ago

They are many cases where super computers like this will be needed

* Golem can be useful or be of great service I'm big project such as space research wich akes use of much data process

* Golem will help students or researchers go beyond their usually limit expectailly those that can not purchase many computers to do the processing of data

* It will help reduce the work load on companies as they will not be needed many computers to carry out data processing that we be up to terabytes

2 Golem has great potentials as it will help computer processing much faster

3 Am critical about the security aspect of it, as how to secure the connection as everyone will be linked to one computer system and also how to make the connection stable at all time and easy to access by everybody that has interest in it

3 months ago

mike dmann expert

I am excited about the future of all crypto currency.


  1. I like this idea and could see it working when terrabyte a sec networking will be needed. As a power user, I have a power house of computing power.

2. Yes, I can see the potential.

3. Security is what I find critical. Looking forward to seeing this idea grow.

Will  thereb a min/max terminal to use to connect to this supercomputer? Isn't goggle,apple,and Amazon already doing this?

4 months ago

De Gem guru

Cryptocurrency enthusiast, avid reader, rapper and SDG advocate.

1. Golem can be used for some commercially viable stuff. These are some suggestions I got from reading elsewhere

  • Payroll runs. Some big companies struggle with data crunching from salaries being added up due to the large number of employees they have to settle at the end of every month. The Golem network could solve this in a few hours.
  • Complex calculations such as predicting how the wind is going to move around or against a skyscraper or an industrial building can be done using the Golem network instead of using computer time on a rig which could run into days and sometimes over a week.
  • Golem can be used for cloud computing just like the many services Amazon is setting up.
  • Golem can replace an organization like the Minnesota Supercomputing Institute which manages and provides supercomputing services by maintaining large supercomputers themselves.
  • It could be useful for large scale data analysis in genetics, weather, oceanography, supply chain management and logistics.
  • Large shipping companies can use the Golem network for constant transactions since they have many ships moving constantly around the world and need different currencies to pay for the expenses of traffic and the periodic maintenance of ships and the cost of transit through different countries.

source: click here

2. Of course. This is revolutionary.

3. Making the concept and uses of Golem understandable to the ordinary Joe walking on the street is my problem. I feel everybody should understand the future of cryptocurrencies, blockchains and dApps within the shortest possible time but from the look of things, it won't be possible soon. That's my only problem.

4 months ago

I like this I like everything about this project

4 months ago


4 months ago

1. Gaming first and foremost, video and graphics rendering by gamers, animators and movie makers. 

2. It has huge potential but they need to market it more and get big partnerships and create tutorials for beginners.

3. team has delivered  their product now should work towards mass adoption

4 months ago

Golem and Sonm basically attempt to decentralise the cloud, which is great . HoweverH I think that the platforms should reward users for performing tasks because not all computers and Internet connections are created equal. Data centres would benefit from some tasks such as storage and connectivity better, and mining rigs from some other, such as rendering. 

4 months ago

I also thought golem would be useful for high end printing jobs.  Back in the day PostScript would take hours sometimes.

I was always wondering if there was any money in it even though it is built into at least one rendering package.

I haven't been critical but I am sceptical.  Computer power keeps increasing so the need for this may decrease over time.

4 months ago

Lily Panter expert

I'm sugar, spice and everything nice

That's a really innovative cool dapp. I have no use for super computers. I do think it has a lot of potential of being a dapp in demand in the future for people in need of that large processor capacity. Maybe even for cloud mining of cryptocurrency 

4 months ago

Voke Nath new user

I currently have no immediate used for a super computer. But it does have prospects because there are a lot of individuals or corporate environments in need of very good super computer. I have no complaints. It's all looking good 

4 months ago

Gaming And tech new user

This technology would bring enormous change to the way we use computers. For example Google Stadia, I've subscribed to them i know the cloud gaming /computing power it has. You won't need to buy expensive hardware or install any updates. All you do is access their site and connect. Then use their services at a subscription service. 

4 months ago

1. This supercomputer will be very useful for computer game developers (especially MMORPG game) and scientists who study astronomical objects. 

2. Individuals or small companies will be able to make calculations or precision machines that they have never been able to do before, and will help achieve the development of the industry and science.

3. If one participate in the network of Gelem, is there any danger such as hacking of personal information?

4 months ago

Matt Noodin new user



I've been a fan of Golem for the past couple years - it was one of the first cryptocurrencies that I read about and the first to truly capture my interest in cryptocurrency in general. Creating something like this is an amazing idea, and really the sky in the limits for what something like this will be able to accomplish.

A few things I've thought about that this project would be amazing for are:

1. The industry I work in (I am a geophysicist in the oil and gas industry) often has to run extremely large simulations where we take vast amounts of data (such as seismic) and generate geologic earth models from it. Often times this is currently run on a single computer and can take weeks at a time to complete the more elaborate ones. Having this kind of computing power at your fingertips to accomplish those tasks much faster would be a game changer for a lot of companies simply because you could test out different models without the expensive cost associated with the time it usually takes, and you could really reduce a lot of risks associated with drilling a well that ends up producing nothing, wasting millions of dollars per well. That's my most boring example, but the closest to home for me.

2. Medical research simulations are probably my favourite idea for Golem. Being able to run gigantic medical simulations to determine possible cures for diseases would advance the medical field significantly faster I would assume. Researchers could use Golem to test out infinitely more models to determine viable routes to take for actual medical trials that they may not have been able to come up with otherwise. I imagine that you could have (and that they do have) programs that are coded to simulate certain cells, like various cancer cells for instance, by inputting their biological information. You could then simulate the effects that certain drugs, treatments, etc. would have on the cells over whatever time spans are reasonable and come up with a much more focused set of data to test in actual trials.

3. Weather simulations I believe also require a lot of computing power and the same as above - you could run infinitely more models and add way more parameters to be tested to hopefully come up with some weather predictions that are better than today's (which sometimes seem like they throw a dart at different numbers and essentially just blindly guess with how accurate they often are :)).

4. Space simulations such as determining asteroid locations from gravity pull and interactions with other celestial bodies. Models for body interactions in space are unbelievably complex, as each object technically does have some effect on every other object around it. I watched a video not too long ago about the sheer volume of asteroids in our solar system that are known (either by direct observation or I believe more often by doing such simulations) and it was overwhelming. Have a look at the video, its pretty cool They could also use the power to help hone satellite and rocket launches throughout our solar system (and someday farther) and improve the chances of success by trying many different things that may currently just take too long to test, giving a very comprehensive outcome probability distribution.

5. Somebody of course will want to do this one - solving Pi to basically an infinite number of decimal places. It currently has been solved to 2.7 trillion digits I believe. No reason not to go to a Googleplex worth of digits with something like this.

To answer your second question - yes, yes and yes! The possibilities for something like this are endless and I believe it will truly change the future of humanity. We already are advancing technologically at an exponential rate - this is only going to take this to a much higher level and the problems that will actually become viable that once were not due to physical limitations are going to be immense.

Third question - I haven't come up with too much to criticise it about except for possibly network speeds being a bottleneck at the end of the day - if they can't handle the transfer of such large amounts of data then that could be a pitfall... but I know they have already been considering this and quite possibly it won't be an issue.

Anyways, I hope that some of that was useful to you. I'm REALLY looking forward to this project and am extremely excited to see the applications that people will come up with once it becomes functional. Huge props to these guys for this ambitious idea - it really is one of the best around.

4 months ago

De Gem guru

Cryptocurrency enthusiast, avid reader, rapper and SDG advocate.

Your response is amazing. I can tell you are a very ardent follower of solid cryptocurrency projects. What are some other projects you follow?

4 months ago

Karen M guru

Wow Matt! Your intelligence shows. You really put some thought into this. Where I live, oil & gas companies discovered we have Marcellus shale so we've been seeing lots of rigs, wells, etc & a huge cracker plant is being developed. Big business.

3 months ago

I don't think I have a need for a super computer. Its way above my capacity.

The fact that it gives a lot of peer to creators is a sign of it potential..

I won't be critical of this dapp yet. I will give it a try and send my feedback.

4 months ago

Mr Yuvraj new user

Supercomputers are, for the most part, nothing like your PC. In some cases supercomputers are built with x86 CPUs from AMD and ... Supercomputers normally make use of customized compute units (called ... Not only do you have the installation cost, but a supercomputer uses megawatts of power, too

4 months ago

Ryan Olesen expert

Have acted as an advisor on multiple blockchain & crypto currency related ICO's!

  1. Can you find some usescases where you would like to use this super-computer? Oh definitely, plenty of use cases from Graphic Animation to AI/VR/AR editing and production projects. 

  2. Do you see the potential this project could bring? It has a super huge potential and I'm thankful for the education I've received from this article. 

  3. Is there something you would be critical about this DApp? Not yet but I'm sure as it progresses and I dive into the nitty gritty, I'll find something that could be changed, modified or enhanced. 

Thanks a million for the express description of the Golem platform and the GNT token running their systems.

Much appreciated!


I give your post Four-Stars ☆☆☆☆

4 months ago

1.As a current student for AI and Machine Learning,i could see myself using this for extensive projects

2.This project certainly has a lot of potential.This gives direct access to very high processing power ,which for many people wouldnt be that easy to get hands on.The lengths through which this can reduce time for a single project,effectively causing a larger number of models to be procesed within the same time.I can definitely see large numbers of low to mid tier organizations that could be into it along with general people.

3.Mainly-ethical usage and proper handling of consumers data are critical points for me.They should definitely have some sort of scanning system before allowing people

4 months ago

1. For me personally it would be great to finally have access to a computer with that type of power. Computer gaming uses a lot of data and my small laptop can't handle it at times. 2. The potential for this project is amazing. Especially for those who have the idea or vision for developing media or games etc it will open up opportunity for them. Even for those who want to mine crypto the opportunity is amazing. 3. My only worry with this is the potential for hackers because we don't know how secure this is.

4 months ago

Ejay Dario guru

I'm more experience and know the circulation in this Blockchain Industry.

This project was unique for everyone who was on the crypto platform many will become interested on it. I see the great future and potential for this project because it has a unique feature to perform than other dapps. may be  some securities regrading about the platform. for me making a security protocol was great for everyone who participated on it.

4 months ago


1. The user cases for project like this is unlimited and alot of different purposes can be applied to it, but with the increasein rise of tech, AI and such, this will be the main area of use imcluding gaming also.


2. The potential this project could and woudl bring is that more persons will be able to try out their project easily and thus will lead to more aoftwares in the market and also better seasoned programmers. It will also increase the market of beta testers since any body can easily have access to the computting power that he or she needs.


3. What i would like to say about this is the Data protection poilicy that is guiding this, so as to make sure personal data are not stolen accross systems and also that they are not touched nor tempered with.

4 months ago

Karen M guru

I personally am not a gamer so I don't think this is for me. However, I know gaming is a huge business and those with faster, high quality connections have an advantage. This would be useful at gaming conventions and competitions. The only criticism would be if the monthly fee to access it was too high.

4 months ago

Al Wallace guru

Food and cryptocurrency blogger with a diverse interest in investment/ crypto

The first thing that struck me when i read this was that i wondered whether it could be used to mine cryptocurrency, what would be the profit to loss ratio of doing this and would it be possible to do it on a basic laptop? It would be pretty cool if you could mine through a secondary pool app like honey miner and make a bit of money :)

Besides that, as someone who uses his laptp for pretty menial day to day stuff and a bit of cryptocurrency work Im not sure how it would benefit me and that would be my thinking for much of the population, how often do you really need access to a super computer unless you are doing very processor intensive work. 

Computers arent really my thing but wouldt your example of the high end games require you also to have a decent GPU? Certainly if you didn't need that then there are many people who would happily use it for the very intensive online games which are really processor/gpu heavy.

Another use would be for disease cures, apparently super computers can be used to analyse things like cancer proteins to try and better understand the cure and i am sure there are some labs which would be happy to save themselves money on expensive computer hardware to focus on technicians and specialists if this opton was available to them.

It is a really cool idea and I am sure there are many use cases for it but personally im happy with my wee laptp!

4 months ago

Hi guys. I do see maybe anside potential for this. As stated, the user can borrow time and usage of a super computer. That can potentially allow a home or small designer access to explore their idea in AI or roboric programming they normally could not or run a program for it that is too large or incapable on a home computer. Many tech leap frog advancements come from individuals in a "garage". The potential allows smaller individuals etc the use of top end resources. 

The downside could possibly be this is an outside server and source. The thought an idea or project could be hacked or stolen by someone else will always be on some people's minds. Or that the server in general could be hacked into or go down and impact a multitude of people.

4 months ago