Brewing beer made so easy.

We're here to democratize the beer space. Our vision is to give everyone an experience where they can discover great tastes, become makers and collaborators by shaping the future of beer.


Local crafts globally

Imagine a world where you can try one of a kind beers, such as the one of your last holiday or your favorite beer that's always sold out when you want one. You can broaden your horizons by exploring upcoming craft beer cultures, such as Tokyo, Amsterdam and New York.


From source to glass

We carefully select our hop, malt and yeast farm to make sure the highest quality makes into your ready to brew Ingredient Pack. We believe every beer should be made with fresh ingredients, so you'll know your beer should taste as flavorful as nature intended. You will get a custom made designed package delivered at your doorstep with a sense of humor and unique character that fits with the brewing recipe. 


Just what your brew needs

MiniBrew takes the question mark out of brewing. You are always in control. And know exactly what's happening. The app provides insights about your brew based on ingredient data and real-time brew conditions. Not just random facts. This saves you time and reduces the mess. The best thing still has to come, you don't need to be around the machine.


A new flavour every 3,5 hours

To keep the beer flowing, MiniBrew comes with portable kegs, so you can do multiple brew sessions in a week. We enable that you can appreciate the full variety of craft beer range in the app from one machine. Just what a tastemaker needs.

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