Feedback on our reservation system

Feedback on our reservation system



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Feedback on our reservation system


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Hello Crowdholders,

You already had an opportunity to get familiar with our project in the first task.

Today we want you to be creative and test out our Alpha version for🏋️‍♀️🥊 🤸🏻‍♂️GYM owners.


Instructions: 📋📋


  1. Sign up-on our platform

  2. Come up with your own GYM company

  3. Test out the functionalities


Below are some questions we would like you to answer: 👇🏼👇🏼

  1. Did you have any trouble signing up and getting started?

  2. What is your impressions regarding UX/UI?

  3. What critical feedback do you have from your first impression? Is there something missing?

  4. Any other comments how can we improve a product?

Rules: ✍️✍️


  • Answers should be unique

  • No “Copy paste”

  • No good luck comments

  • All questions should be covered,

  • Feedback should be constructive


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Last minute hail Mary comment:

  1. Sign in easy enough. No problems 👍
  2. UX/UI bones are good. Menu, profile, alerts all in intuitive places. Responsive design seems to be working well. No objects extends beyond the screen of my Moto X4 and nothing is escaping it's borders.
  3. Like already stated, after sign in language changes from English (to Czech as mentioned by others?). Maybe have a language setting at sign up that becomes default for the user. Also, the submenu under resources is not indented, which would make the organization of the menu clearer.
  4. One final thought, clinicoin is a crypto project in initial phases to distribute currency for healthy behaviors and for "witnesses" like personal trainers, exercise instructors, doctors and healthcare professionals to validate healthy behaviors. They might be an ally for collaboration, partnership, or otherwise incorporating blockchain into your product, if that is important to you.

BTW, great work. Looking good so far!

5 months ago

I reserved the position , every thing was fine , but I couldn't change the launguage to English,  unfortunately my finger was touched and i didn't find in settlings, thanks :)

5 months ago


I am a Mechanical Engineer with expertise in power and Mecha-tronics. An Entrepreneur

I tried out the system and i find it to be very good, there was no problem in using the website the sign in process was successful and also all the registration process. I like the colour combination of the site and the user interface is quite simple to use and also. The idea of creating your own gym seems nice but also seems a little difficult. I will try my best to keep track of the system and follow it closely, i think it will be a great help for me.

5 months ago

perry berry new user

Interesting article keep it up the good work so that people get entertained!

5 months ago

Achilleas Karageorgiou new user

People should only listen to logic.

This is sincerely on of the best programs for scheduling, the UI's simplicity is a bonus for me. No problem on signup, easy peasy even though if you go for an international approach using english as the primary language would have been better. I love the location marker, very useful.

5 months ago

Lily Panter expert

I'm sugar, spice and everything nice

I guess I was the only one who couldn't sign up using my mobile chrome browser. I got stuck with the terms and conditions plugin unsupported.... I probably need an update but since I have never had that kinda error before I was in no hurry to get that update

5 months ago

Al Wallace guru

Food and cryptocurrency blogger with a diverse interest in investment/ crypto

I went to the website and created a profile. I entered my email address and it asked me to confirm....and that's where it all went a bit wrong! as soon as i verified my email address it took me to a page to create a password. It then switched to a language which was not the native English i signed up in. I believe Czech but possibly Slovakian . Not a great start. Eventually i managed to find the setting to switch it back to English though. So i created a Gym, the imaginatively titled "big Al's gym"! pretty straightforward just entered the name and gave an address. and on the home page i can now see my gym i have created. Next up, create a class for "big Al's"ever enthusiastic gym goers to attend. From here i can see we can start adding classes and such and the UI seems to be fairly intuitive. The side menu leads you to each section quite easily and from there you can go on to add trainers, classes etc. One thing i would say is that the date on the Calendar is in the wrong place in my opinion. The eye naturally goes to the top left of the page and where it is placed in the far right hand corner it doesn't really stand out. So i would make it bigger, a different colour and either on the opposite side or in the middle. You could probably move the month/day/week part as you would naturally have that in your preferred setting and would only need it if you were specifically looking for it. It seems you can change it in the options menu anyway so i don't really see the point/imprtance of having this function in two places? Your terms and conditions are not in English for English speaking users. I also think when you click on the Sportpass logo at the top of the page it should go to some sort of home page rather than the calendar but, again, just my opinion. Maybe with some relevant information or some images. Perhaps the option to customise the home page with some images of your gym or some images related to your personal training business? This would give the overall site a more personalised look and add some colour. If you wanted to add additional depth to the site i could suggest the ability to receive payments via the website if not already on there and i didn't notice. Perhaps some sort of customer data base as well which would allow you to keep track of their progress as a trainer or to monitor memberships plans etc as a gym. In review i would say that there is a little work to be done here and there. Work on the aesthetics a little bit and maybe play around with the calendar to neaten it up a bit and make it more intuitive but the great news is that the UI is pretty good. Everything, other than the points i made, seems to work fine and the registration is pretty easy until it switched Languages on me. I hope this helps.

5 months ago

Signup was easy, but to find the english version was difficult. The user expierience is not just overhelming, the disign is spartan. Where are possibilities near to my location or are there any possibilities at the moment? I´ve set an event and look what happens

5 months ago

The login seems flawless. No issues there. UI/UX too is fine. Works well in Mobile,tablet and PC. In the password,may be you can add a eye, giving a option to view what you type. Pretty common these days. Also there should be a drop-down for languages for users to select.

5 months ago

1. Sign in very simple and easy ( even for noobs) email for confirmation comes asap also. 2. Ul is very good and friendly 3. Language The Main problem 4. All are ok, The only problem as I said, languge

5 months ago

1. Sign in very simple and easy 2. Ul is veryg good, but UX the same good, i think 3. Language english please 4. I think is all good but only language

5 months ago

Gilbert Calayan new user

Let us see if we can breakthrough from here...

1. It was easy signing up also the confirmation thru mail was quick. 2.User interface UX/UI was good. 3. Language selection or translation should have an icon in the menu, it suddenly changed to another language while I was filling the forms to create my own Gym. 4. Please put an icon to be for English language

5 months ago


I'm here to learn more

yes I've been a member of the site in an easy way. The confirmation mail came quickly. site redirection fast. I don't see any missing right now. nice work congratulations

5 months ago

Yo Yo senior

Don't forget to use your upvotes. You will earn from that too.

On the create facility screen there is another language used then English the things to fill in. Maybe add a language selector or change all to english. Well ok, in the next menu i got into my account settings and was able to change it. But then again i had to guess where the option was. After clicking a few things i found something that looked like the word english and got it. The best advice here is add the option in the main templat in form of a flag, so everyone will find this option intuitive and before the registration proces which makes things easier. Then i found the next thing. Therms and conditions brings you to a file which is also again written in Czech language. See to translate that as well before opening the app for clients. People need to know the conditions. (i know, not many people read it, but it should be available anyway). The look of the app is pretty cool. Nice colors, nice logo. Create a location: n it shows an error with the coords. Those are automatic generated so they should be good. Best is to delete this function.

5 months ago

1 Did you have any trouble signing up and getting started? Yes, from the acceptance of the legal conditions I found everything in Czech (I think). For the rest I think the registration system is fine. 2 What is your impressions regarding UX/UI? At the beginning it asks for the email directly and it does not have two accesses one for the login and another one for the registry ... that has dismissed me a bit. Also, when the side menu is displayed, the elements of the main screen are not moved and the menu overlaps. 3 What critical feedback do you have from your first impression? Is there something missing? It should be possible to change the language during the whole navigation. I also think that enabling social connectors would be fine 4 Any other comments how can we improve a product? I think it would contribute to have a minimum facebook conect. It would be good for the platform for the data that could be acquired directly and for the ginmasiós for the ease of registering

5 months ago

Deyner López guru

Crypto enthusiast!!! My opinion matters too!!!!

NICE PLATFORM BUT VERY INMATURE YET!!! To answer your questions: 1- Did you have any trouble signing up and getting started? Answer: No trouble at all, but language keep changing automatically every time i change from a text field to really annoying. 2- What is your impressions regarding UX/UI? Answer: Nice UX/UI by the way!!! I like it very much. Simple and clean, very eye catching and it looks very professional. 3- What critical feedback do you have from your first impression? Is there something missing? Answer: First impression is "average"...Things like language changing automatically is "rare". Nice look&feel. Fast load in phone and in PC. You could add in settings menu the possibility to change UI language(UI is shown to me in, i think, Czech language and and i only speak Spanish and English) this moment i barely understand options in web but manage to work it out. 4- Any other comments how can we improve a product? Answer: SportPass is a nice product indeed, but right now has some kind of "bugs" i think. The only thing i can tell you is to keep it up and keep working harder in order to release a good and "bug free" product to community. Good luck and thumbs up!!!!

5 months ago

Sign up is not fantastic, there is a delay because you need to reserve a place for yourself and personally I don't really keen with indoor activities, maybe in the nearest future. I think one should be able to sign up without any reservation, maybe such a person may want to have some other things to offer the platform. The user interrface is unique and fast and easy to navigate. Just make the platform create more interesting menu.

5 months ago

Lester Paler senior

I always try to be as knowledgeable and as honest as possible.

-The sign-up process was great overall. The fact there's one bar for register and login stopped me a bit, because I was expecting to click on a register or sign up button first. But I think that was neat. The only problem I have is after inputting my email, the language suddenly changed to a non-english one. I suppose that was Slav or Russian (not sure). It really just changed automatically, so I just had to tap translate page on my browser. That's the only issue I had though. - The UI was very simple and smooth. I don't have any complaints about it. It looks clean and professional. What critical feedback do you have from your first impression? Is there something missing? - Not much you can improve on in terms of product. I think the concept so far is good. Just fix some bugs like the sudden language change and I think the product is good to go. For now, focus on marketing it and finding partnerships.

5 months ago

I got some problems when trying to sign up. I tried to sign up from brave which did not work well. The sign up page design is not that bright.

5 months ago

Yo Yo senior

Don't forget to use your upvotes. You will earn from that too.

That's because Brave sucks and on almost every website you need to change settings for that site first because Brave is very poor in recognizing necessary scripts like a login script and a tracker script so it blocks all. I suggest you try it again with a decent browser like Firefox. This is not a project error, but a brave error.

5 months ago

Oxu Remini guru

I think there are serious problems with the site. I couldn't see the password I wrote. Must have preview for password Although I chose the language of the site in English language in the GYM section automatically changes the language. The interface was very simple. Since I could not do the site language in English, I was not able to review it. !

5 months ago

Angelo Jesus Penaranda senior

Because a very dedicated man with great visions on every project that i do with

The Site is very straightforward easy to use no need for a einstein to make an account but their is one little flaws i don't know if you notice it but if you choose the language (English) it will go back to Spanish when you go to ''Create facility'' but it's a great work for the dev on the site 💪

5 months ago

1. Did you have any trouble signing up and getting started? Yes, I was easy. After registration, there was a part were I had to agree, I didn't see what I agreed to. It said "plugin error" or something wrong with plugin but I agreed anyway. 2. What is your impressions regarding UX/UI? I like the interface but the language wasn't English so I had a hard time figuring out how to change it. Aside that, all others are good. Facilities, locations, trainers are all good additions. Love it. What critical feedback do you have from your first impression? Is there something missing? When creating a location, I think one should turn GPS on so that their immediate location can be recorded on the map. The language should be part of the registration. This will help in the ease of use o the app. Any other comments how can we improve a product? I think some images in the background will be a great addition.

5 months ago

Did you have any trouble signing up and getting started? No, the Signup process is very easy. What is your impressions regarding UX/UI? It's great, really you do great job there. What critical feedback do you have from your first impression? Is there something missing? I think the site have the most tools and power we want Any other comments how can we improve a product? Get involve in the crypto community more and more. Keep up this good work guys.

5 months ago

Dafi Putra new user

the site is good and the sign up is easy for me

5 months ago

Ejay Dario guru

I'm more experience and know the circulation in this Blockchain Industry.

Did you have any trouble signing up and getting started? Answer: I don't have any trobublr on signing up in the site, it was perfect and great. Getting started was so nice smooth and interesting. What is your impressions regarding UX/UI? Answer: My impression regarding about UX/UI was great. Good job guys for this wonderful features l. What critical feedback do you have from your first impression? Is there something missing? Answer: This site was so great Good project for sports event. There's no somethin be missing in this site it was all good. Any other comments how can we improve a product? Answer: I suggest to advertise and get more project regarding about this product.

5 months ago

The signing up part was pretty easy and fast but when i need to confirm my email there was some problem because there is different kind of language in mail not English. I believe that it has written with some Slavic language. Ayway when i hit agree button the new page opened which is "Create facility" but the language is not English there as well. I couldn't understand Nazev, Popis and Mena words.. Anyways i filled the form i don't know right or wrong in somehow. After that i have entered the platform but i couldn't understand anything as well. Unfortunately i didn't like that because it should have the common language which is English. I only loved your logo very much, it look professional.

5 months ago

After registering my email address the next steps were not in English, so I had no idea what I should do next and it wasn't clear at all.

5 months ago

H Q guru

Signing up process was easy, getting started is also easy. UI/UX is good and simple and easy to navigate, modifying the data is also simple. Language was Czech but changing the language to English was not that difficult. I would suggest to set the primary language to english for testing purposes only. I like the geo tagging, it is working accurately and filling up lat/lon properly. Adding the contact only works by providing the email first. What if the person is not having email? There should be a way around other than typing in the pseudo email. Overall it's great. Best of luck!

5 months ago

1. I signed up without any problem, but I tried to login many times and finally failed. I don't know the reason why your site always indicated "invalid password" after my having tried to receiving password reset link from the SportPass and resetting my password several times. SportPass teams mailing service is very fast but no real solution to me. 2, 3, 4. Unfortunately I cannot mention about these topic because of failure of login.

5 months ago

Dean Walsh guru

Don't listen to me because of who I am, I'm nobody like everone else.

1. I didn't have any trouble signing up and starting. Got the confirmation email fast, which is nice. 2. The UX/UI are clean and simple. Adding things to the timetable is nice and easy. 3. First time I added the address it didn't find it automatically and seemed like it was asking me to fill in the coordinates myself which I couldn't do. But when I saved it without them and went back to edit, it had found them and located the address on the map. A lot of it wasn't in English so it was hard for me to see exactly what was there, but I didn't see anywhere to add pictures, a description of the gym, prices, special offers or regular opening times. 4. It looks like a good start, just keep building it out!

5 months ago