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Helping Primary School Children

Helping Primary School Children



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Helping Primary School Children


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Every child has the right to an education. But because of poverty, 58 million primary-school-age children around the world — more than half of them girls — are not enrolled in school. Being out of school puts these children at greater risk of exploitation, child marriage, and lower income-earning potential.

In Kumasi, Ghana we experience this reality every day, that's why we are committed to helping primary schools 🏫 and change lives for the better.


Our Mission

With your help, MSM can do more than simply get kids in the classroom — we can empower them 💪 to step out of poverty. Equipped with literacy and other life skills, they can grow into adults who earn higher wages, educate their own children, and have a voice in their community.


Our Strategy

  • Create teaching and learning materials 📖 in local languages

  • Set-up and facilitate early education centers and after-school clubs

  • Buy and distribute supplies and books to local schools


How YOU can help

Giving is the most effective way to help the children and families who need it most. Your gift is a sacred trust. We promise to honor your generosity 🙏 and use your donation in the most effective way possible. On top of that, you’ll get to see the power of your generosity through quarterly updates from the MSM Moore Foundation team.

You can donate your YUPs to this address: 0xD08bAC650c7db350Cb5448708301C61D64CA9567

Check out our previous collaboration with VIPSTARCOIN, which allowed us to buy and distribute 500 notebooks each to 5 different schools last month.


👉  What do you think of our efforts in supporting primary schools in Ghana?

👉  How would you improve our strategy?



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I think this is a great initiative. Education is the number one way to improve social mobility and break the poverty cycle.

In terms of improvements, I think there are some suggestions I would make:

- I think there are crowd-donating platforms like Indiegogo which can help with funding these kinds of projects.
- Focusing on transportation of students to classrooms could help increase attendance, if attendance rates are an issue.
- Also providing incentives to attend, like food, and practical classes that help the students' families, like better farming techniques or home repair.

1 day ago

Education is the number 1 goal in life to succeed in this crazy world, what you are doing is absolutely fantastic but we have schools all over the world that need this kind of help or assistance not just this one in particular. But i'm all for it & the great job your doing to keep this going!
Personally, Ghana is a great start but maybe in the near future if all this grows tremendously & is successful, I would donate this kind of help to kids and families all over the world if possible. But that's my input.

2 days ago

Education is very vulnerable specially when you are poor But in some instances poverty cannot stop those people who wants to have a good education.With the help of an institution like yours,may children in Ghana will have a chance to have a good future.Not only in Ghana but also around the world.This project is absolutely helpful.Helpful in the sense that it has a heart to help lowless children to have a good education in the near future.I really salute to this kind of project you guys have.When it comes to strategy,your project has it already.And as far as i know and maybe all people also knows that your strategy is very useful and meaningful.

3 days ago

I think the approach and execution is spot on. I particularly like that you desire to develop educational materials in local languages, which both preserves cultural wisdom while also engendering trust.

One suggestion from me is a way of combining the two initiatives around early childhood centers and learning materials into one program. With that, you have a potential opportunity to foster collaborative learning communities. Without knowing all the ins and outs of the communities you serve, I'm assuming that if children are not attending school, they are with some caregiver. Perhaps set up the early childhood centers as a partnership between the organization and the caregivers.

The caregivers are likely to have significant cultural wisdom about raising kids, and of course, know the local language. They can help design curriculum in their local language and with cultural integrity (not just the knowledge itself but also how knowledge is transferred in their culture). In the meantime they might also to receive training in more modern education techniques and receive professional skills that, in turn, serve them and their community's future.

4 days ago

Regarding YUP donations: I would prefer if when asking for a donation, there was a little blurb on how you plan to use them. Since they are not worth much at this point, I had imagined that you might work with crowdholding to offset costs of your projects on the platform, but you might have something different in mind.

Additionally, as I'm still a cryptonoob, I'd prefer to make donations entirely within the crowdholding platform. I'm down to donate, but I'd feel more secure, if it were integrated into the community here.

4 days ago

i think it is a wonderful idea. Through your support, you're making possible a quality learning environment for Ghana.

Keep up and maintain your excellent team.

4 days ago

This is definitely a fantastic approach to tackling an issue such as education. Education is an important part of a young persons development to grow into adults. I fully support this initiative.

4 days ago

So far, your efforts are one of the best approaches in spreading the education.

Other than negligence, the reason behind this children for not to be enrolled in the schools is financial. This was one of the reasons in my country, but when government introduced a monthly stipend, the number of school going children (including girls, even though they also faced some rural customs issues) increased exponentially ... It would be good, if you give them some monthly allowances too, whatever your budget & resources allow.

From your strategy "Create teaching and learning materials in local languages", I am hoping, you'd have plans for training the teachers with latest methods of teaching as well, because teachers should be updated, which is not the case in most of the parts of the world. That said, latest technology and tools would be also helpful for teacher in teaching and developing interest in students ... like multimedia aids etc.

I wish you a very GOOD LUCK in your endeavours.

5 days ago

John Chigozie

I build robust websites and digital marketing strategies for brands.

Thanks to Marlowe Candle Company. It’s a wonderful initiative - kudos for the good work you do in our community.

I suggest Marlowe Candle Company should partner with stakeholders including reputable logistics companies for effective distribution of learning materials and books.

Keep up the good work. 💕

6 days ago

Fred Blauer

Open for business

I think that its an interesting idea. But. what assurance do we have that the funds will go where you say it does? Why not use block chain to make it transparent, or maybe allow us to send the Yups to the kids or their parents directly? Also I don't think that Yups can be used for anything yet, since they don't seem to be liquid.

6 days ago

This is completely something wonderful. Make some one happy is the most important thing in life i guess.. And if this is a kid it's the best thing.. With MSM Foundation's help maybe some of those kids will be very successful in the life.. Many children would know more about the world, more about everything.. When i checked this address which you have given to us (https:// i saw that there is only 1500 YUP donated and i felt very sorry and angry. We all need to donate some YUP's to them.. Please think about it, you would do something really nice for them.... I am planning to donate them soon.. Thank you for this opportunity..

1 week ago

No one has ever become poor by giving.. You have the greatest slogan for this charity service, can't be better. We people have to stop thinling about ourselves and give thought about the poor people specially poor and unprotected children. MSM Foundation is doing some great jobs for them and everyone should attend their campaigns, share them in the social medias from personal accounts.. I believe that everyone needs to hear their voice from all of us, i did share MSM website in my facebook, twitter and linkedin accounts. I hope many people would do the same and there woud be more donation to this project.. By the way we all need to thank to VIPSTARCOIN for their helps, 500 notebooks worth lots of money and would make lots of kids dreams come true.
Here are my shared links:

1 week ago

There is no trust more sacred than the one the world holds with children. There is no duty more important than ensuring that their rights are respected, that their welfare is protected, that their lives are free from fear and want and that they can grow up in peace.
We must try everything in our power to help children

1 week ago

I love this idea, in Africa Ghana inclusive leaders have not being leave to expectations of masses despite enough available resources, MSM has done greatly to bridge the gaps between the poor and rich,hunger and injustices is the causes of insecurities and by giving them education this will be an eye openers to what individuals can do to alleviate his/her problems. So i will encourage support for this and i will try my best in this regards. I will want you to increase skills acquisitions to your programs so that every child will be able to cater for themselves in few years so that they wouldn't be over dependent for perpetual years.

1 week ago

I think it's a fantastic and very useful initiative. I would like that in Africa you could consider initiatives that are based on the sustainability of the creation of value for themselves, since they can not depend on the help that NGOs like this one can develop. Maybe a scholarship program to develop the talent and give more opportunities to children who get better results could be interesting

1 week ago

This is a great way to keep children especially in Africa(Ghana) away from street another thing is that provision of foods will be able to sustain them. Some families in Africa live on less than $1 per day,so a child that doesn't feed well can not be in school or will not listen to teacher because he/she has no hope of what wait for him/her at home.

1 week ago

For children, education is very important, great idea to support this

Sponsorship for a school

1 week ago

Your efforts are laudable. We also need more organizations to pitch in, as the problem persists in most African Countries. We need to get these African kids educated even if they don't have the means to.

Also, i feel parents play a huge role in this, in that they actually determine if the child attends school. Efforts need to be put, to get the parents to allow their child attend school and get a good education

1 week ago

My dream is this and I will still realize it. Help the poor, the needy, those who have no life estimate and who really need to be helped. Seeing the platform of you, I remembered a book that I read recently (there is a movie too, but I prefer the book lol), called QUEEN OF KATWE, speaks of a girl who left the poorest life of Uganda and became the QUEEN OF CHESS, and in history tells the life and overcoming of many people! If there was not a person who believed and helped, none of this improvement would have happened, that's why your work is beautiful, and no matter what and how they are doing, from the moment you decided to help others, you ARE IMPROVING the world and I am immensely HAPPY to have it! YOU ARE UNBELIEVABLE and may God preserve in you this kind heart!

1 week ago


I am a Mechanical Engineer with expertise in power and Mecha-tronics. An Enterpr

The effort that you put into supporting school children is the effort that you put in sustaining the world, in sustaining life in making the world a better place and in securing a better hope for the future, there is no better way of planning for the future than in securing the children because they are our hope for the future.
A way to improve strategies is to participate in more competition like international essay and quizzes take online exams compete with other schools when persons and groups see the improvement in the school to which this program has started in comparisons to the others they will definitely want to key in and improve the program.

1 week ago

i only think about wonderfulness when ever your projects and what you plan to achieve cross my path, i will also say that your effort will never be put to waste and by engaging persons on this platform you have a very good choice, a way also that you can get more is by gathering the student to do some form of advertisement regarding cryptocurrency and paste it on YouTube and other such media platform it will definitely attract persons that can provide long term solution to all related issues.

1 week ago

What do you think of our efforts in supporting primary schools in Ghana?
1 word: Beautiful. Everyone on the world should have the right to attend school and learn things and become something they would love to be. Unfortunately, in low tier countries like Ghana, that is not possible for everyone, so I think this project is a wonderful piece of humanity.
How would you improve our strategy?
I would personally first improve the circumstances they are learning in, and make sure there is enough to eat and to drink there, also that it is a clean room where they study in. But furthermore you guys are doing a wonderful job! Good luck on your journey

1 week ago

Since my birth 40 years ago, i dont know any better then that the people living in the first world have donated many many millions in the African bottomless pit. Also many leaders of those charity companies were benefiting this on a massive scale, a share went to them. Look where we stand now after all those decades and billions that went there compared to then. Its worse then ever. Europe cant handle the stream of so called fugitives (some for safety, most for economical hope(which they get by free houses with free stuff in it)) . Many animals extinct or almost have. Ethiopia sold his last bit of green lands to arabian farmer companies that destroyed the woods, build megafarms snd grow food. For export. While both the hunger among the Ethiopian people, and the help programs (money and food) ever keeps increasing because of the growing poverty of the people while government & friends keep filling their wallets. And those that spread this information are arrested and brutally tortured many times till dead follows. And this shows perfectly what is wrong there. And as long as that thing wont change, you can try what you want and pump money what you want, but it wonf help a bit. So my question is. What are you gonna do about all the corrupt leaders, so thrre will be any fundament to make it a worthy effott to help those people.

1 week ago

Forgot to add...
Africa is by far the richest continent in the world. If only the right people got their hands on all the resources that it holds in the ground. With trust worthy governments and corription prevention agencies and companies that have some etical mindfulness they can become the ones sending us food in the near future, because everything is ruined here in favor of the 0,1%. You know what? Let them solve it. Not us, the workslaves. Go to them, see if they can show that underneath that stone, they still have remains of what was s heart once.

1 week ago

Some of the solutions in your strategy are a matter of policy framework and you need to partner with a government agency. That will go a long way to help make the change that we all want to see.

1 week ago

Great work by your organization. As a Ghanaian, I get were you coming from. I served in a rural community for a year as a teacher so I understand your plight.
You stated the strategy and made a request but didnt say how you are workiing towards achieving them. I would like to know what you are doing to achieve your strategy. Probably partnership, donors etc. From experience, I would suggest you send a proposal to United Nations Development Program (UNDP) in Accra. They support such course's because it falls under the SDG goal 4(Quality Education). What are the activities you are undertaking to achieve your set goals and objective. That will enable me assist in anyway that I can. Great work.

1 week ago

Its a great help as they say children's are our future.. it would get a lot of attention and support by sharing this on other popular social media websites.

1 week ago

This is a noble project. Yes, primary school education is fundamental. Equips you with enough knowledge to know you need more education.

1 week ago

as a professional teacher ,this post hits me deep,, and also being African
this is he best initiative i have read since i joined this group

1 week ago

I was impressed with MSM's strategy to support Ghana's primarly school children to overcome poverty. And if possible, I would like to donate some of my YUPs to MSM. Above all, this kind of support can be achieved only by the absolute help of religious organizations and charities because the scale of their support is large. So if MSM wants to be successful in Ghana, do not rely on individual donations, but hope to receive large support from religions or charities.

1 week ago

In fact, education not only contributes to people's view of culture, life, but also poverty. They earn better as they receive good education, they leave poverty behind.
If the level of education increases, for example, graduating from high school or equivalent, becoming a high school graduate, it becomes widespread in population planning and I believe that the level of prosperity will increase without producing.
From this point of view, I think the importance of your work is great.
I wish you success in this way you are coming out.

1 week ago

b p

I think the support should be done locally, interacting with the children and providing for a good learning environment, also changing the mentality of many parents to allow the children to attend school... I don't think any amount of money would help if the problem isn't dealt with in the country, it's estimated that in Ghana alone more than 70% of foreign aid doesn't end where it was supposed to.

I think this answers both questions. I'm in no way downgrading your effort, but I don't think that foreign money is the way to go (at least in this case).

1 week ago

supporting primary schools in a country with low economic rise is a brave thing to do and a good example for everyone who wanted to make a first move too.
i think to improve the strategy will be by doing a video channel and posting on social media account with a lots of people to see this program.

1 week ago

Sticking to yup alone may not be the best idea but if it works then that’s awesome! The efforts are very honorable. Anything to help schools and smaller countries get a better education is amazing!

1 week ago

Ejay Dario

I'm more experience and know the circulation in this Blockchain Industry.

What do you think of our efforts in supporting primary schools in Ghana?
Answer: Your mission to support primary schools in Ghana are very kindly way and heart melted passion to give a future beginning for the childrens in Ghana. I'll adore you alot for this mission guys.

How would you improve our strategy?
Answer: To improve your strategy maybe create a social site regarding about this and make a program or event to help the future of this childrens.

1 week ago

Your charity seems alot more credible when I check the website. I don't really see any reason to just stick to the yuk coin particularly. It does take a long time to do due diligence on charities and alot of the time I may prefer someone else's judgement on it. That you accept checks is a huge plus for credibility.

The concept is a very worthy concept and it provides a side effect of employment.

1 week ago

hello Eric Dexter, can you do us a favor by emailing us at
Thank you

1 week ago

Al Wallace

Food blogger with a diverse interest in investment/ crypto

MSMs mission to help school children into education and support them is a noble cause indeed! Educating these young people will not only lift them out of poverty but empower them to a better future and a solid foundation on which to raise children of their own. A well educated populace is critical in the ability to improve and maintain key infrastructure and will, in time, help not only those concerned but the environment and the country they live in, perhaps the whole world.
I see that you already buy and distribute books, create educational material and set up after school clubs and these are all fantastic means to aid in the development of these young people. If i could make some suggestions to help with the meritorious work already being done then these would be:

1> out reach to the community - often when young people are not enrolled in school it is because the parents or guardians see greater value in keeping their children at home for various reasons, helping maintain the home or surrounding area, taking care of elderly relatives etc. Perhaps speaking with these parents or reaching out to them however is most appropriate to the demographic in the area would make them reconsider enrolling their child?if they were shown the value of good education to their children perhaps they would be more inclined to make the sacrifices needed to send their children to school.

2> Transportation. Is it a transportation issue that prevents them from coming to their classes? could some kind of transportation be made available to collect groups of local children and bring them into school?

3> take the education to the community. Could a travelling teacher be employed to travel to remote areas and at least provide some small standard of education for groups of children in places where school is an issue due to geographical factors? perhaps language or other lessons in appropriate local buildings - not necessarily schools but town halls or something similar? I am sure that with the right promotion you could attract English or other language teacher to volunteer from outside the country who would be happy to provide this service?

I hope that this will provide some 'food for thought'and would like to congratulate the MSM foundation on their Noble cause.

1 week ago

Al Wallace could you be so kind by sending us an email please at

1 week ago

Lester Paler

I always try to be as knowledgeable and as honest as possible.

What do you think of our efforts
I highly support your efforts in supporting primary schools in Ghana. If I had the YUPs right now, I would donate right away, but I simply don't have them yet as I'm still new. I'm glad some people are still taking initiative to change the world. There's no better way to do that than to provide education for all. I really believe that education could end most of our world's problems, especially poverty. So this one is a truly noble act. Keep it up!

On how to improve your strategy, I don't have much to say, maybe just open more channels for more donations like other cryptocurrencies and even fiat and just keep doing what you do. I know there are a lot of good people out there willing to help as well.

1 week ago

I feel is hard work up from heart and hep others is too great but you have to make your company big with partner and sponsor

2 weeks ago

Deyner López

Crypto enthusiast!!! My opinion matters too!!!!

GREAT!!! I think you´re doing a remarkable job indeed. Noble efforts to achieve a noble goal!!! I really think you´re doing great but, as always, efforts based in people generosity depends on every person whishes, so i recommend you keep searching for sponsors and keep promoting your every day work in sites like this.

I wish i could help more in such a noble tasks so, my advice to you is to keep improving yourself day after day and to look no further: cryptoworld is the answer. Here is where you will obtain more benefits searching for donations and sponsors, that´s for sure....

2 weeks ago

What do you think of our efforts in supporting primary schools in Ghana?
I think it's great thing to do and very good and charity way of thinking, I could help with translate or give lessons in Arabic Language.
👉 How would you improve our strategy?
I'll send you Yup tokens for helping with you and in the future I'll share profits with this great charity program.

2 weeks ago