If you hate paperwork you will love AND CO.

While building a career as a freelancer is hard work, AND CO is working to empower independent workers with technology that helps automate their business. The company launched out of beta this past October with a platform that helps freelancers manage their invoices, file expenses, track time, manage projects and receive payments on contract work through a smart bot that generates automated reminders.


Being independent doesn’t mean you have to work alone.

We’re building a support network for independent workers. By developing one common standard for the business workflow, we kill inefficiencies, automate processes and are able to connect every worker with each other - automatically.

It’s a system where every member automatically and anonymously contributes to the collective intelligence, just by using the service.



  • Invoicing 
  • Expense tracking 
  • Payments
  • Time tracking
  • Contracts 
  • Reports

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