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With the azultec Cube you can generate crypto currencies through cloud computing. The best part: the Cube uses renewable energy and recuperates the generated heat – making the Cube environmental-friendly! 

azultec wants to become the biggest CGI rendering farm. In order to get the biggest market share azultec is using two approaches: With the already available azultec Cube product line, users can earn crypto currencies with CGI rendering at home and connect to the azultec CGI rendering cloud.

At the same time, azultec will build their own high-security CGI rendering farms in strategic locations.

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Discussing Green Crypto Mining

A frightening CO2 balance As the crypto network grows, so too does the concern around its environmental impact, and with good reason. According to a study from May 2018, the global energy demand for Bitcoin mining alone amounts to at least 2.55 gigawatts. The real problem, however, is how this electricity is generated: in fact, most of it comes from fossil fuels 🛢 and Chinese coal-fired power plants, resulting in extremely high CO2 emissions.   Improving the Grid That being said, crypto mining environmental impact is 100% attached to the “green performance” (or lack thereof) of the global energy grid. That means improvements in solar, hydro, wind and other renewable power technologies â™» have the potential to make mining much more climate-friendly in the future.   Staking your Coins A different approach to the problem is using Proof-of-Stake types of network. A Proof-of-Stake consensus algorithm provides for mining opportunities in proportion to the amounts of tokens held by a user on the network đź’°, therefore providing an environmentally-conscious alternative to the Proof-of-Work methodology popularized by Bitcoin.   Going One Step Further On the other hand, azultec already starts with the crypto-miners itself: thanks to various technologies developed in-house, our Cube can convert the electricity required for operation and thus recover up to 72% of it. This energy can then, for example, be fed into the in-house heating system or stored. This makes the Cube probably the most efficient mining computer ⚡.   👉  What is your take on the environmental effects of crypto mining? 👉 â€‹ Which solution do you think is the most likely to work? Let us know in the comments.  
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