Introducing TraDEXsocial: The Complete Crypto Ecosystem

Introducing TraDEXsocial: The Complete Crypto Ecosystem


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Introducing TraDEXsocial: The Complete Crypto Ecosystem


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Hello Crowdholders,

Today we would love to introduce you TraDEXsocial - a combination of user friendly web-based mining client and decentralized  exchange. We aim to create the first complete ecosystem able to guide people through their crypto experience.

Our platform’s designed for both  new and inexperienced users and seasoned traders who are looking for more efficient ways to maximize their earnings.

Our solution currently includes: ūüĎá

  • Simple interface and intuitive design

  • Seamless web browser mining

  • Working decentralized crypto exchange with 3 trading pairs

  • Guaranteed user anonymity and security


Now, after reading and learning about our project please let us know in the comments: 

  • What is your first impression of TraDEXsocial?

  • What 3 features do you think should be improved and how?

  • Any additional suggestions?


ūüĎČ Please check out our web-page before giving us your feedback.


Looking forward to hearing your feedback,

The TraDEXsocial team!


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Deyner López

Crypto enthusiast!!! My opinion matters too!!!!

Very interesting project!!!! The idea of combine an user friendly web-based mining client and decentralized exchange sounds great and very promising...

Mi first impression is remarked by the idea itself: it¬īs an innovative idea having mining and exchange in one site, but having this, gets us into several issues concerning security and stability mainly, but i think you guys will be able to achieve this giving us a strongest security with a great stability indeed...if you figure it out you will have a great success in bussiness.

Website seems very professional, color scheme is nice and beautiful remarking your brand for sure. Has very detailed information and it is easy readable and eye catching.

About the features you need to improve, well, i think mining more than exchange you need to take into account, because web mining is a "thing" a little complicated with low performance depending on coins you mine...By the way: which coins we will be mining thru TraDEXsocial because you said user using web miner will receive the equivalent amount of the coins mined in TraDEXsocial tokens but not saying wich coins are going to be mined...

Other thing you need to improve at 110% if you want to have a huge success is the mobile need to make it work flaweless, nice and easy, after all TraDEXsocial is going to be built for beginners(and for experts too of course) so inexperienced users can find an easy way to mine and trade.

As additional suggestion for you only i have to say is to keep it up and don¬īt give have a great project in your hands...lest¬īs make it happen!!!

1 hour ago

Very interested project
I hope you one of many good exchange

2 days ago

I am also interested in digital exchange. I have tried in stock exchange but i failed and lost 1500$. I have to learn more about this. Link for downloading amazing whatsap status videos.

3 days ago

Very interesting and creative project that will achieve great victories soon! The project constantly attracts the growing interest of both the global audience and investors.

3 days ago

My first impression of your site is that it sounds very promising. There are many exchanges to choose from. I suggest you make yours 'the one' by making it stand out. Tell the public why yours is better. Which crypto coins are available thru your exchange? Be upfront about fees. No one wants hidden surprises. Offer some free crypto for signing up.

3 days ago

There are lot of exchanges in the world. And to make user friendly, fast and secure you neef to invest time and money. Currently there is no acess to TraDEXsocial so there is nothing to comment. Mining on exchange seems unsecure to me but you can proove that I am wrong.
3 features to improve. Make some video on exchange. Also describe what can be mined and how. Some bonuss or incentive how to use exchange.
Suggestion: more marketing to increase awareness of exchange

3 days ago


4 days ago

If i will use your portal as an Exchange i do not like the idea of web mining on Exchange. I Really see that you Exchange is simple and easly interference.
1. Exchange section i would like to add my total amount in one click.
2. I would really like if i can see fees section where i can see fee of your Exchange.
3. I would like to see deposits and withdrawal section where i can see my logs.

4 days ago


I am a Mechanical Engineer with expertise in power and Mecha-tronics. An Enterpr

My first impression of the overall program is that it will go a long way to help those news comers to the crypto space and also helps to bring in new person to the crypto space and thus increasing the value in the market. looking through the website I was really welcome as what I see there an thus it is complete and everything has been laid out in very simple methods.
My contribution will be that. the team should also make space and provision for more adverts and ways to be able to reach more persons. and also to start different ways to be able to reward uses.
I will say that this is a very good project and will surely go far.

4 days ago

Sounds like it will be intuitive enough for new users to learn how to use it and start mining and for experts to add something new to their skill set.

4 days ago

I guess it will be easy for any users, specially for newbie to mining crypto. The feature that must be added and improved is to withdraw the feature, the wallet and exchange need to add altcoins, and finally the user's security

4 days ago

This has a chance to be one the bset web based mining client abd web based exchange their is,and the possibility could be limitless.

5 days ago

First impression is good. I like the idea of having copy social trading and mining in the same place. This as the potencial to attract new people without any knowledge to the crypto world. I am curious to see how you will implement these ideas and make them come true. The new trend is to have total control of our currencies without being forced to transfer funds to external sites where we lose that control. Decentralization is the watchword and I'm glad it's one of your key points. I will keep an eye on the developments of this project

5 days ago

What is your first impression of TraDEXsocial?
When I started reading I thought it will be a mining platform but as I read more I understood that you can trade as well in crypto so it is good as many exchanges are offering but what will make you different from any other exchange that offer trading platform? Is there some AI that can give good info about the market and also the info. it collects from the other best trader in the site to give a good save trading strategy to you?

What 3 features do you think should be improved and how?
1 thing I didn't understand is the "ranking" How it will benefit and what is it purpose?
the business model needs more explanation.
the road map says that 2019 Q1 wallet and beta platform will be realized but I haven't seen any link for it. if there is any please let us know.

Any additional suggestions?
nothing special just need to keep update the site so people have trust in your project.

5 days ago

I love the interface, please add more trading pair
one more, it is really hard to connect when I use my PC

5 days ago

Ejay Dario

I'm more experience and know the circulation in this Blockchain Industry.

What is your first impression of TraDEXsocial?
Answer: My impression for Tradexsocial was great

What 3 features do you think should be improved and how?
Answer: Improve your withdrawals, deposits and coins to exchange

Any additional suggestions?
Answer: Add more feature coin in this app and open universal withdrawal

5 days ago

I am a newb so i will get back to you about my first impresions. Im curious about how all this works. Thank you for the opportunity.

5 days ago

you need to be outstanding to win the competition against other credible crypto exchange
as a trader the common issue with exchange is :
1 . deposit pending
2. withdrawal pending
3. slow response of support

a paid promotion is essential to any exchange project such a google words facebook or Twitter ads
and a bounty program would be nice :)

5 days ago

Sounds like an interesting project! How resource hungry will the mining be though?
1) Make web browser mining low impact
2) More trading pairs
3) Be able to mine on a non-smart device, like desktop computer

5 days ago

Good idea for a desktop computer.

5 days ago

Tradexsocial is bringing additional features to dex,I.e mining that is a plus for the exchange.
Two, area of sign in or register page needs improvement that will enhance matching of password, I.e login information without go back and forth to confirm information, also security needs to be better for traders money to be secure, thirdly email, SMS or 2FA is necessary for sign in.
Free listing should encourage at the beginning, so that can influence liquidity as well as low trading fees.

5 days ago

Great project is very good

5 days ago

Web-based mining is more environmentally friendly than other mining types.
My first mining (amateur and only for testing purposes) is web mining.
I see this as a first step on the path to professional mining for beginners.
Your platform has a decentralized DEX system, and it's nice to have the mining converted to other double parities on the same platform.
 But these pairs need to be increased over time.
I haven't been able to find the precautions you have taken regarding your security on your website. Inform me?

The fact that the interface in Web mining is simple or complicated (for me) is not important.But simplicity will be important for inexperienced users.

To be realistic, the folding of the gains (with mining and DEX) saw it as a very advanced goal for this platform in the first stage.
If I sort the pros,
Online coaching,
Online support,
Access information about crypto coins via the portal.
Having aeternity from your advisors

I wish you success in your project.

5 days ago

My first impression was pretty good but I'm always skeptical of scams. But so far I think it looks good. I love the idea of being able to mine coins without a mining rig. I'm always looking for stuff to mine on my phone or old laptop such as Uplexa, MIB, JSE, Hadron, etc. Recommendations:
1. Add the ability to turn mining off and add an extra incentive to those that do mine such as a bonus fee discount on trading on top of using the Dex coins.
2. Add Auto exchange to other cryptocurrencies from mining.
3. Referral program for trading and mining.

5 days ago

The idea is good. One would think that this service could use settings for different algorithms, dex and remote control.

5 days ago

Lester Paler

I always try to be as knowledgeable and as honest as possible.

My first impression is not that great actually, because I thought this would just be another site that would provide web-based mining but would actually take years before you can make a profit and just another exchange platform (there are so many now.) But after giving the site a look, I don't quite think so now.

I love the idea of social trading. The idea that users can follow and replicate operations from expert traders. That sounds really similar to etoro's feature and that's actually their customer driver so that's a pretty good feature especially for lazy newbies. I'm yet to see if the mining part is great but that seems quite interesting too. And of course, the overall interface looks pleasant and attractive as well.

I don't have any substantial suggestions for now, just cliches like keep going! You have built a reliable team anyway, so I'm sure you know what you're doing.

6 days ago

John Chigozie

I build robust websites and digital marketing strategies for brands.

I'd say I was impressed with the simplicity and responsiveness of the website.

However more needs to be done in the following areas:

i. Speed: Your website speed is way too slow. It scored a performance grade D (70) on Pingdom. Compress components with gzip to improve speed.

ii. Readability: Try improve your website readability. Readability will impact bounce rates.

iii. Design: Add animated polygon background graphics design to make TraDEXsocial website more catchy.

Thank you.

6 days ago

The first impression of the project and the site is very good. The site is very neat and well-structured and looks professional. Also a lot of famous partners and a good presentation of the team. I read that there are a lot of possibilities integrated as copy the most profitable traders in the social trading feature and the mining option. Are there any more expansions coming? This is certainly a good start and a project to follow.

6 days ago

Dean Walsh

Don't listen to me because of who I am, I'm nobody like everone else.

My first impression was that the web based miner made it look a little dodgy, because usually those things don't make money and are only used on faucet sites.

Looking further I saw that you are associated with aeternity, which uses the cuckoo algorithm that is the most ASIC-resistant and stands the best change of allowing home computer miners to get something worthwhile. I assume the web miner is for that, and if so I would say it is worth mentioning that in some way on the homepage (even if its just a link to more info on another page).

My other initial impression was social trading on a DEX seems good, I'm not sure I've seen that before. There are many other social trading platforms, many other DEXs, but I can't think of any other projects combining the two.

I put my email in to get notified of news, so overall I do think its interesting.

6 days ago

Hello, it's very good site which satisfy our needs from it, I thank you for his great site.
keep up this good work.

6 days ago

Very good ,first impression is great. Website looks professional and trustworthy, unlike many others.
I think we will be able to tell more when there is a white paper and product to use and evaluate.
Logo in the footer is unnecessary, because a)it is not visible. b) There is already a logo in the header and when you scroll down, you can still see it.
Social media buttons should be more accessible either in the header or somewhere on the top of the page.
The picture of mobile app is giving me the feeling of Zeepin, Crypto galaxy - color scheme and UI looks similar.,I love it.

6 days ago

i will say that i was impressed that mobile mining has been taken to another level and groups and company are actually looking into it. The first thing i will add is that if an android app is going to be made for the mining process then very good protection means should be accompany it to prevent fraud and other of such practices.
i should also add that a lot of means should be put to draw the younger ones to participate more in this like stating a bounty program here so as to be able to share it more often on social media like Facebook and twitter.
And also the main backbone of a good project is the dedication towards customer support so i will say that enough effort should be put to make sure that the customer care unit is working steady and efficiently.
for me in the long and short run i will say that this is a very good start up and will definitely go a long way in helping the world.

6 days ago

I think it's an interesting approach but I think it's too complex for beginners.
By parts, design and usability are
very good. But you would have to think about how you are going to get profiles for newbies.
I would appreciate an example of what web miner means, how are the traders' choices going to be made ...
In summary I think that the concept has potential but it is not understandable to all the public.
Suggestions, choose the level of experience in cryptocurrencies (based on questions) and customize the navigation and the advantages for each one.

6 days ago

Thank you for posting such a great article! I found your website perfect for my needs. It contains wonderful and helpful posts. Keep up the good work!. Thank you for this wonderful Article!

6 days ago

Fred Blauer

Open for business

Personally, I much prefer proof of stake for various reasons. It makes a lot more sense to me and is much less wasteful of electricity. I would prefer if your app could facilitate staking instead of POW mining. There are various apps which help you to earn staking rewards, such as cobo wallet etc. You could design your app to stake tezos, cosmos, loom for example.

6 days ago

b p

Is it the same as CryptoTab, if such, can you please PLEASE not include the referral bonus and just simply give the people who use it the BONUS? its a pain in the... going there every time and have that flashing referral button on my face.
Anyway... an improvement would be 0 fees when withdrawing and the chance to withdraw in more than one currency and a low limit of withdraw for us with not powerful computers who are just starting it would be very very helpful. But if your goal is to have people mining for 100 days and forgetting the 3 euros they cant withdraw due to high limits then go ahead.xD
Have fun with the project and best of luck

6 days ago

The first impression is great. Website looks professional and trustworthy, unlike many others.
I think we will be able to tell more when there is a white paper and product to use and evaluate.
Logo in the footer is unnecessary, because a)it is not visible. b) There is already a logo in the header and when you scroll down, you can still see it.
Social media buttons should be more accessible either in the header or somewhere on the top of the page.
The picture of mobile app is giving me the feeling of Zeepin, Crypto galaxy - color scheme and UI looks similar.

1 week ago

I love the website, enough details if you ask me. I am skeptical when using a web based miner because only few have given results. I look forward to experiencing your products. I am all in for social trading but please make it transparent for all to see. No deals behind the scene.

1 week ago

Web page mining seems like it small game at best. Just being a social trader isn't enough If I supply money for someone to trade I want to know what type of track record they have and when I see the mining stuff I thing it is lower quality.

1 week ago

The first impression that I had of the website was its energy just by the theme of the site and I don't have any feedback for improvements

1 week ago

My first 10 seconds reaction to TraDEXsocial was seeing something soft and perfect colored, seems easy understanding and perfectly classyūüĎĆ I believe that you have worked with the right design team.

First i clicked the roadmap, it was very very easy to understand about your procces in seconds. You made it easier and that is most wanted i believe.

Why / How? tab is something great and clever, i think this would bring you trust because you are acting transparent with this section.

Team tab also perfect. Your team looks bright and young, we can see the energy in their eyes which is too important for the visitors. I checked all members personal linkedin accounts, they are very active and skilled. This would bring you more good points as well.

TraDEXsocial Event Participation photos should bring even more trusts, i feel safe when i see the projects team participates to the events and shows their photos freely. There not too many projects doing this.

And the most important thing for me user anonymity and security, if you do it right you can have me as a customer and many more people. We all have anonymity and security problems specaially about the KYC procedure.

My first recommandation would be about your social media profies, you have too few followers, i believe you need to raise your followers counts. This is very important for the first sight. And i also would like to see more exact times about the platform starting. I know this is something hard but if you can give some promises about the timing and if you can do it on time you would gain big time trust.

1 week ago

Al Wallace

Food blogger with a diverse interest in investment/ crypto

My Initial reaction to TraDEXsocial is very good. Having looked over the information on your web page i think the idea of a complete ecosystem for people interested in cryptocurrency is great. The idea that people with less experience can follow the trades of more experienced traders is great and the fact that the traders in turn are rewarded for allowing people to do so would, hopefully, encourage them to do so. From this the more inexperienced traders can study and learn and hopefully get themselves to the point where they have the confidence to make smarter decisions to earn them more money so it seems to be very much win win.
I also like the idea of being able to mine from smart devices although I would temper my enthusiasm for now as i have tried various tools that claim to let you mine from your desktop etc and they are very hard on your processor, generating a lot of heat and, potentially, damaging your device. For this reason i would be cautious about this aspect personally. That being said, if it works and works well it could be great.
The fact that you can also trade using traDEX is helpful but i think that 3 trading pairs is very very low and you would want to look at raising this amount as soon as possible to attract serious traders.

If i were to make a suggestion it would be that in keeping with the idea of offering help to people new to Cryptocurrency that you offer some educational aspects. Perhaps a dictionary of terms. Maybe some user or company created videos to explain how to trade effectively, how to project trends in prices or read candles. Something like that to further support the education of the new members. Perhaps you could offer some of your native coin for user created, educational content whether that be in the form of VLOGS or written articles, tutorial videos or written explanations of trading theory. This aspect of your site seems not to be covered but i think education in this sector is so important as so many people are new and have limited knowledge.

The last way i think you could add value to your project is through a HODL incentive for your native currency.
Similar to a proof of stake token you could add value to the token by allowing for a small amount of interest or profit share for people holding the token in volume. This would encourage people to retain the token, increasing scarcity and making the token itself more valuable.

Overall i think the project looks great, perhaps a little fine tuning and some expansion of tokens for trading to attract big traders but the idea of a one stop shop for crypto enthusiasts is a good one.

1 week ago

First it seems to be a good idea.
More info about web miner.
How far is the development on the roadmap?
Mining calculator?
How do I know that traders are real people and not a bot?

1 week ago