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Adshares is a decentralized marketplace for programmatic advertising. We use blockchain to connect Publishers and Advertisers and let them make direct deals using our cryptocurrency.

We are developing an open ecosystem that allows anyone to start offering ad-related services in a fair and transparent market. Thanks to carefully aligned incentives, everyone can profit from the growth of our platform.

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Introducing Adshares: Blockchain-based advertising ecosystem

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Hello Crowdholders, We are pleased to join Crowdholding and would like to present our project. Briefly about our idea: Adshares is the first genuinely decentralized marketplace for programmatic advertising. It is also the most advanced blockchain-based project in the advertising market. We use own blockchain to connect publishers and advertisers and let them make direct deals. Our open ecosystem is based on a reliable and safe ESC Blockchain, that was tested to process 1.4M transfers per second, which makes it many times faster than Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitshares and all other available blockchains. We are confident that our blockchain can serve the worldwide advertising network. We are currently working on the Advertising Ecosystem Release Candidate, which we plan to deliver in January 2019. You can track our progress on GitHub. Adshares is the answer to negative trends in digital marketing: - high fees, usually generated by unknown intermediaries - lack of transparency: questionable traffic (bots) - you can never be sure what you paid for - increasing centralization which gives big players ability to censor unwanted content Adshares is addressing all these issues. Let us know what you think about Adshares and our solution to issues programmatic advertising market is currently facing. We are looking for your general opinion. We’d also love to know if you’re actively using programmatic advertising as publishers or advertisers? Before you give us your feedback, please take a look at our website and check out our whitepaper. You can also join our Telegram group where you’ll find a detailed presentation about Adshares pinned to the top. Many thanks! Adshares team
82 votes
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