Solutions For Android App Developers

Airdrop XbornID token is a solutions For Android App Developers. There are a lot of highly creative android app developers with various categories of android apps created, but they are hard to sell to the public. The reason is because they do not have the funds to sign up in Google Play Developer (PlayStore). And another reason they face is that they do not have a Credit Card. Now, XBornID is here to solve the problem, by paying only 10000 XBornID Token then developers can already have apps that release in playstore with their own ads inside their app. They will be paid from ads installed in their app.

ATTENTION! "All terms are subject to change and XBornID Team is not responsible for any loss or loss of your money, we only provide token for free. All token functions and presence dependent on the holder."

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We found several vulnerabilities that might be in the make by hackers or cheater against token XBornID (old), We do SWAP against the token XBornID (old) to XBORNID (new).<o:p></o:p>It is also a part of the development platform XBORN ID.<o:p></o:p>Total Supply will be 1 billion added in the token. The allocation of 50% locked, 30% Airdrops and Bounties, 10% Team, 10% Operational<o:p></o:p>TIME SWAP : November 17, 2018 - Desember 17, 2018<o:p></o:p>For every 1 XBornID (old) you SWAP, you will receive back 1 XBORNID (new).<o:p></o:p>All holders of XBornID (old) which has more than 30,000 XBornID (old) should send at least 0.001 ETH for the cost of gas to the address: 0x68Cb6a0b48fD6B7227933B5E80451d6A2956c05f<o:p></o:p>If you only have 30,000 XBornID (old) or less, then you do not need to send 0.001 ETH, instead you can claim 30,000 XBORNID (new), send 0 ETH to Smart Contract: 0x596c5a9C2948836d9c2c9b5413515937994AAb39 you will be receive 30.000 XBORNID.<o:p></o:p>You must SWAP your tokens. XBornID (old) will be delisted from all exchanges and all tokens will be destroyed.<o:p></o:p>Do not send the token to an address that is not confirmed by the XBORN ID Team. We could not recover token for you.<o:p></o:p>Send XBornID (old) only through the ERC20 wallet, do not send the token from the exchange.<o:p></o:p>SWAP will be LIVE for 30 days. When the period is completed then you can no longer swap XBornID (old) to XBORNID (new).<o:p></o:p>The announcement of the SWAP only on Website or Social Media XBORN ID and Exchange or Media contact lists of Official XBORN ID, you can join on the Telegram Channel XBORN ID Official to find out more info, If you see or receive announcements regarding the SWAP XBornID (old) elsewhere, then we are not responsible if you lose tokens it forever. Be sure to re-check the URL any website related SWAP and that it is associated with the formal announcement made by XBORN ID.If you are unsure of the credibility of a source please send an email requesting the proper address or contact the admins in our telegram.<o:p></o:p>We will never reach out to you directly to swap your tokensIf you receive a message from any email address or telegram user giving you an address to send tokens to it is a scammer.<o:p></o:p>INSTRUCTIONS<o:p></o:p>1.    Check back the wallet you're sending XBornID (old). This cannot be an exchange wallet and the wallet MUST support ERC-20 Tokens. We recommend using<o:p></o:p>2.    Make sure you send 0.001 eth to address 0x68Cb6a0b48fD6B7227933B5E80451d6A2956c05f for gas and costs re-enrollment in the exchange.<o:p></o:p>3.    fill in the form here<o:p></o:p>4.    Send XBornID (old) to the address 0x68Cb6a0b48fD6B7227933B5E80451d6A2956c05f. XBornID (old) that you send will be burned and can not be taken again.<o:p></o:p>5.    We will send you 1 XBORNID (new) for every 1 XBornID (old) that you swap, this will require a maximum period of 7 days to receive, some of the participants will receive their new token is returned immediately.<o:p></o:p>If you have any further questions for us or need any assistance you can contact us:<o:p></o:p>Telegram : more information
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Migrate XBornID platform

Attention !!We would like to thank all of you who have participated in airdrop XBornID before. We will migrate the XBornID token from the wave platform to ERC20.For those who get the airdrop token before on the WAVES basis, please exchange your token by sending 0 ETH to this address contract 0xd58132f2fbd65f02beee0626542e6ee059009ab4 gas 120,000.We hope that with this migration, XBornID will grow further.Thank youAirdrop for ECEX members !1 Million XBornID Tokens will be distributed on 9th of November between the http://Ecex.Exchange accounts.@AirdropXBorn #Ecex #ZIG #XBornID #XBornIDtoken #Airdrop #Ziggurat #EcexExchange ICO, NO TOKEN SALE !!Just FREE !!we share 60% of the total supply as airdrop.🌟Solution For Android Apps🌟🌐Website:🔶Token name: XBORN ID🔶Token Symbol: XBornID🔶Token Decimals: 18🔶Token Address: 0xd58132f2fbd65f02beee0626542e6ee059009ab4Also check gwei here :🥈 The first person will get 1000 XBornID !! , and each time token is claimed, the next one will get less . Address must be a ERC20 compatible wallet to receive the tokens🥉 Each address can only claim once.♻️ Exchange ♻️🔜 Ecex : Will be Soon🔜 ForkDelta :!/trade/0xd58132f2fbd65f02beee0626542e6ee059009ab4-ETH🔜 EtherDelta :☑️Telegram Group :☑️Telegram Channel :☑️Twitter :☑️Youtube :☑️Bitcointalk :☑️App Playstore :☑️Medium :☑️LinkedIn :☑️Reddit :☑️Facebook :☑️Github :
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Airdrop And Bounty Reward XBornID

We are very grateful for the feedback of friends in the previous assignment regarding the introduction of the XBornID token. It's very useful for us, your criticism, suggestions, and feedback will be considered, if all we can do, then we will do our best for XBornID token growth. Now we have held Airdrop and Bounty since July 20th. Rules as follows: Airdrop: We distribute Token XBornID on Airdrop. Anyone who will be entitled to get 1000 Token XBornID to distribute at the end of the event. This event is limited to only the first 50k participants. requirement : 1. Join our official telegram group at  and enter your telegram username 2. Join our official telegram channel at  and enter your telegram username 3. Join our partner telegram channel at  and enter your telegram username  (optional) 4. Follow, Re-tweet post pinned and tag 5 friends  5. LIKE this video and subscribe us on 6. Subscribe to our website by entering your email in the subscribe column Bounty :  Make a video review about XBornID Token Get 5000  XBornID Token   - Minimum has 1k subscribers - Video duration of at least 2 minutes   Links :  Airdrop Form Bounty Form    
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