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Hello Crowdholders,

It is well-known that the traditional cloud infrastructure has many central points of failure and trust: the centralized nature of the Domain Name System (DNS), the dependency on one or multiple cloud providers for service availability, and the centralized storage of user`s data. ETHERNITY has arisen from the need to overcome those mentioned disadvantages in storing/ exchanging data and running applications.

Our vision about the future of the cloud has three imperative features: encrypted, anonymous, continuous available.

Leveraging blockchain technology, our mission is to develop a decentralized ecosystem and a framework that allows regular cloud software to be run as decentralized cloud applications. Within ETHERNITY, the nodes are location agnostic, self-replicating, constantly spawning around the internet without user interaction, exactly as defined in the Ethereum smart contract.

ETHERNITY can be utilized by everyone from home computers, mid-range servers, to massive data centers, fully trusting that the data is safe and private while in transit, and at rest.

All ETHERNITY users can host their cloud application and content online FOREVER, without deep technical knowledge, backed up by a trustworthy blockchain contract, continuously available, anonymous and encrypted and location independent. The purpose of ETHERNITY is to provide the blockchain infrastructure for participants to run their favorite cloud software decentralized, to rent their idling or extra hardware for monetary gain, all this while incentivizing the decentralized cloud applications developers.


What makes ETHERNITY truly unique is that developers can start their own decentralized SaaS solutions and earn tokens as network participants use their solutions. Join our exciting ever growing community and integrate new and existing cloud applications into the future decentralized cloud.


Do you see any disadvantage in widely implementing the solution provided by ETHERNITY? What would be the motivating factor for you to be part of our technical proposal?”

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GomberS ID | Posted 3 months ago

many people have a skill but not on blockchain
i hope this project help

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Iosif Peterfi | Posted 2 months, 4 weeks ago

It will totally help developers that want to focus on developing with standard set of tools and programming languages like PHP, Python or the LAMP stack. They will benefit from decentralization features, without having to learn the blockchain programming details.

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Ahmad Fz | Posted 3 months ago

Most blockchain project need technical of coding skill to implement. For all people is difficult. ONly serius one and trained ones who can use the project. Is there any project with WYSWYG interface?

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Iosif Peterfi | Posted 3 months, 1 week ago

Hello jbm386,

Here are a some of the strong reasons why Ethernity is better than any of the competition projects, including the ones you mentioned:
- Focus is on privacy, which is crucial in a decentralized cloud or fog computing environment. See my answer for Randy Tice for more details on that.
- Focus is on anonymity which is mandatory for some.
- High availability support for decentralized applications.
- Built for developers, so they can easily move to the decentralized cloud transparently for their users. This translates to higher adoption rate.
- Developers of decentralized apps will be incentivized for their efforts.
- Built for creative minds, so they easily develop and publish custom code, using common approaches as writing a script in their favorite programming language. This translates to higher adoption rate.
- Use open source code and tools available for anyone to audit.

Some of the competition projects might tackle some of these features partially, however I can tell none of them consider all the points above. All of the mentioned points are required to be part of the design process for the initial implementation of the smart contract. I see these projects are already launched, and they have an advantage on first move, however we have an advantage on traction after we launch.


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Randy Tice | Posted 3 months ago

I really appreciate how you are taking the time to address our questions and providing more information. It is actually quite rare for devs to come out and talk to us.

I can see you are aiming to have comprehensive tools for the independent, creative developer that would value privacy. It's pretty clear where you differ from other similar projects.

So, the next biggest concern, is how are you going to get up and running and catch up to your competition? I see that your social media presence is almost non existent; what are your plans to increase your online presence and marketing? Also, it seems like you are going through seed rounds right now for funding? Have you been able to secure influential investors or establish some partnerships? What is the time schedule on your Token Sale?

The market has not been gentle on ICOs this year, without significant hype, a solid product that investors can actually test out, strategic marketing plans and partnerships it will be very difficult to even get your company out of the gate.

As always, mahalo!

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Iosif Peterfi | Posted 2 months, 4 weeks ago

Hello Randy,

We have a product smart contract and GUI demo and we are working on having weekly recordings of live sessions with the community members over the next period. We will announce the days and times on our social media channels.

We have already risen 25 ETH in our first private round and we are looking forward to more rounds like this.

We are also attending conferences and looking forward for strategic partnerships that truly make sense. Crowdholding is clearly one of these partnerships.

Our social media channels are becoming more engaged as our community grows.

We are aiming for Q3 2018 for the presale and Q4 2018 for the crowdsale.

We have already risen 25 ETH in our first private round with a small group of investors and we are looking forward to more rounds like this. The reason why right now there is a minimum 25 ETH is because of the legal fees in Germany.

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Ade Greenwise | Posted 3 months, 1 week ago

I agree with other comments, that there are other projects more advanced in the space.

Disadvantage? This might be the Blockchain itself. You could do something even more groundbreaking and begin developing something like decentralising computing/DNS/storage on Hashgraph or DAG technology?

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Iosif Peterfi | Posted 3 months, 1 week ago

Hello Ade,

We are testing other smart contract platforms besides Ethereum, like Cardano, BOScoin, Hedera and others. Our long term plan is forking one of these platforms. Hedera Hashgraph, even though is a public service, forking it will require some license from Swirl. That is not a deal breaker, but something to consider.

Thanks for the short review and the suggestion.


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Ade Greenwise | Posted 2 months, 3 weeks ago

Wishing every success with this project.

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jbm386 | Posted 3 months, 1 week ago

This type of project is pretty over saturated right now. There a numerous projects focused on this, such as Golem, SOMN, Gridcoin etc.. What makes you different than the other projects who are ahead of you and have first movers advantage?

If you did something differentiated, I would be interested in being part of it. However right now I feel I would rather use more established projects for this use-cases unless you can show me a reason why Ethernity is different or better.

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Emeka Nwulo | Posted 3 months, 1 week ago

This comment is not available, it has been removed for violating the code of conduct

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Elric Drost | Posted 3 months, 1 week ago

Reported for copy paste Fatalninuda.

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Iosif Peterfi | Posted 3 months, 1 week ago

Reported for copy/paste.

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Dev Ranjan | Posted 3 months, 1 week ago

Privacy should be more strict so that people don't have to worry about theire precious credentials. Second think you can improve that is transaction speed and lower fee for transactions.

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Simone Piluso | Posted 3 months, 1 week ago

I would like more privacy to be implemented, especially of transactions, now not very difficult to trace the history of their movements knowing little data ...

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Randy Tice | Posted 3 months, 1 week ago

Elric and Fatalninuda bring up some very valid points and I found myself thinking the same things as I looked into your project: Your competition and the questionable need for privacy and security in the first place.

Another thought I had was, "So this is like golem and monero combined? What's the point in investing in that? Hasn't this been done before?"
Of course, I might be totally off, but I am basing this off of what you presented in your website, whitepaper, etc. and I represent the type of potential investor that is "normal" (I don't have much technical knowledge, I have only about a year and a half experience investing).
What do you have to attract investors like me that have hundreds of options when it comes to ICO investing?

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Iosif Peterfi | Posted 3 months, 1 week ago


Unfortunately, there is no short answer for your concerns, and the details are a bit technical. I hope it will clarify why privacy is important and how we are ahead of the competition by starting with the right foot.

Right now, using the centralized cloud computing means sharing your identity, your private information and your data with your service provider, which most of the time is ok, but sometimes is not good, especially when you are handling intellectual property or when you have strong political views. Now, imagine the decentralized cloud, when the data is not shared with only one service provider, but with millions of other computers around the world, it basically becomes public, so privacy is a concern. Now think about the data that you are ok to share with your service provider, but you don't want to share it with the rest of the world. That's why privacy is VERY important when people transition from the centralized cloud to the decentralized cloud.

Most of the 'decentralized cloud' projects are just decentralized storage. I don't want to bore you with technical details, but there are a very few projects that promise that anyone can run a database of their choice on a decentralized cloud platform or framework, and those that do, they barely mention privacy.

The decentralized cloud project you mentioned is built mostly for GPU rendering purposes, and I believe this is their focus, and I also believe they are doing a great job. None of the competition is focusing on privacy, and I believe what we are doing really is to build a strong foundation. This will enable developers to easily publish their applications and projects on the decentralized cloud, without having to worry about having their data and their user’s data shared with bad actors. For these reasons we expect a much higher adoption rate compared to the competition.


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Elric Drost | Posted 3 months, 1 week ago

Thank you for adding some info and your response. I still think you will have a lot of potential competitors, maybe not anonymous, but the with privacy and availability.

Casper API for example, if you go to their site they have made a great competitor comparison which shows you quickly what they can do and what edge they have over their competitors. There are so many ico's these days, you want to grab the attention of the people that visit your site and grasp their interest to do some more research. Visuals are important to support this. Even the best product needs to be sold to be succesfull or it will still be unsuccesfull. Right now the competition is ICO-land is just killing.

I think that looking at the cost of centralized vs decentralized it could work. But like i said so many cloud project running, which are still competition. One of the biggest advantages over the traditional cloudservers is that the data is spread over the network and not at one server and can't be taken down by the company. So i do see the added value of a decentralized version.

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Iosif Peterfi | Posted 3 months, 1 week ago

Hello Elric,

Casper API does ONLY storage. ETHERNTIY is a full SaaS framework, which means you can run full stack on top of it, including a database engine.

Perhaps these are the added features that we will have to make more proemintent during the campaign.

Thanks you again for the voiced oppinion.


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Fatalninuda . | Posted 3 months, 1 week ago

Hey guys! You say your main advantages are anonymity (why would you need youe cloud service to be anonymous?) privacy (I believe current solutions are private enough, not many people use clouds for very sensitive info) and high availability (not sure what this even means, but if you are saying existent clouds don't have available capacity, it's patently untrue)

The one selling point would be the DNS bypass, which I don't really see how you can manage.

It may also prove to be very hard to compete with traditional cloud services if you incentivise your users in any significant way, the economy of scale just rolls over mom&pop.

Not everything works better decentralized because the costs are huge compared to centralized services for non sensitive data and all bigger cloud service providers are distributed already, with scale on their side.

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Iosif Peterfi | Posted 3 months, 1 week ago


There are plenty of reasons why people want to stay anonymous. First would be that all the transactions on the blockchain are visible, so they don't want anyone to associate those transactions with their identitiy, especially the competition. Freedom of speech would be another good reason. This is a philosophical subject really, however if presented the choice to stay anonymous while running transactions on a pulic blockchain without extra costs, I believe most of the people and businesses would choose anonymity.

The reason why nobody uses the cloud for private information, is because the privacy is null in the current environment. We want to change that. We want everyone to take advantage of the trustless model of the decentralized cloud, and trust it with their private data.

High availability means your service is still up even when the service provider has maintenance or suffers hardware or network outage.

Decentralized DNS is out there already, we just need to write the guidance and integrate it in our framework.

The costs are much lower. Any costs associated with a datacenter: rent, cooling, staf, etc become zero, therefore nobody has to pay for that. And this is only if you chose to not rent your computer's idling hardware. If you choose to rent it, based on the hardware, you might end up paying less, breaking even, or even make a profit in tokens.
There is verry little information about this in the whitepaper, and we are working on a explenatory video of the ETHERNITY economic design, it's actors and how they interact with each-other. Is harder to explain it in writing.

Thank you for the genuine feedback.


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Fatalninuda . | Posted 3 months, 1 week ago

Unless you publish your address I can't see a way how anyone will know who has which address.

Everybody would love anonymity at no expense, but sadly it costs more.

The cost are not much lower (quite the opposite as datacenters operate on scale), except if you expect people will lease you their idling hardware at ridiculously low prices which I can guarantee you that they won't.

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Iosif Peterfi | Posted 3 months, 1 week ago


Thank you for your comment. Promoting our project through crowdholding as well as other channels is part of our awareness campaign.
The main advantage over the competition is anonymity, privacy and high availability, which are featured on the website, and all our marketing materials. Think of ETHERNITY as the privacy equivalent of the decentralized cloud, the same way Monero is to Bitcoin. Besides this, no other projects that I am aware of give incentive to the developers defined through the smart contract.

For the demo, subscribe to the newsletter or our social media channels and you will receive it when is available for the general public. If you are an investor, let us know and we can arrange a live session.

Thank you for the kind words.


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Elric Drost | Posted 3 months, 1 week ago

I looked into the site and the whitepaper(i wasn't able top find the demo?) and i do have to say i don't see how this is a new idea at all. So a big disadvantage is all the competators you have, who look to be way ahead of you(based on the info you provided and the fact i never heard of ethernity. Also google didn't give me much). So i think that's puts you for the hard task of winning customers for you at this point and convincing why they should pick your project over theirs. Not impossible, but you will need unique selling points to do so, since you miss the first movers advantage. Also get some people talking about your project. I guess this is a start.

You claim that your own decentralized SaaS would make it truly unique. Maybe i don't understand it well enough. Then you should look at other ways to explain more clearly what gives you the edge over competitors.

You could state the difference with some known competitors in the cloud computing blockchain space and your advantages over them. That would make thing a lot more clear. Especialy since your whitepaper seems to be pretty minimal to me. That would give me motivation to be part of a project like yours. For now i'm not sold on your idea. If you have any extra explanation about your unique selling points, i will look at it again.
Good luck to the team and your project!

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Iosif Peterfi | Posted 3 months, 1 week ago

I updated the description on this task to reflect our vision and mission statement. I hope now is more clear what we are aiming at.

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