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Reddit Bounty Campaign

Unitalent has allocated max 70,000 TAT tokens for the “Reddit” Bounty Campaign. In order to participate you must follow the rules and guidelines below.


How to join:

  1. Sign-up on Crowdholding.

  2. Befriend with user: UnitalentICO & Subscribe to subreddit:

  3. Comment or post about Unitalent on Reddit.

  4. Register the bounty and submit your progress in this FORM.



  • 1 Post = 2 stake / person

  • 1 Comment = 1 stake / person



  • One account per person.

  • Maximum 1 post per day, per person and 2 comments per day per person.

  • Minimum 3 posts per week and 5 comments per week.

  • Your posted threads/comments should contain news/information about the Unitalent Project.

  • Only threads/comments from crypto-related subreddits with at least 10k subscribers (EthTrader, IcoCrypto, CryptoCurrency, Altcoin, etc) are considered valid.

  • Users that spam subreddits and post off-topic or unsubstantial comments will have their entry removed.

  • Threads with a high amount of upvotes but close to 0 comments will be deemed as (obviously) fake and not taken into consideration. It is a good practice to include links that point to the official website.

Order comments by: