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Before participating the bounty, please read the Instruction of Unitalent Bounty Program.


Short Video Guide for YouTubers: 


1000 - 3000 subscribers: 1-2min / 1 stake, 2-3min / 2stakes, 5min / 7stakes, 10min / 15stakes

3001 - 10,000 subscribers: 1-2min / 2 stakes, 2-3min / 4stakes, 5min / 15stakes, 10min / 30stakes

10,001 - 30,000 subsribers 1-2min / 4 stakes, 2 -3min / 8 stakes, 5min / 30 stakes. 10min /  60 stakes

30,001 - 50,000 subsribers 1-2min / 8 stakes, 2 -3min / 16 stakes, 5min / 60 stakes, 10min / 120 stakes

50,001+ subsribers 1-2min / 16 stakes, 2 -3min / 32 stakes, 5min / 120 stakes, 10min / 240  stakes


How to join:

Register and report your progress in this FORM.

  1. Always use proper quality of the logo
  2. Always write unitalent in small letters
  3. Always include the following key points
    • unitalent is a blockchain-enabled platform that connects high-skilled freelancers with corporate clients. On unitalent the community of freelancers and clients, who are the backbone of the platform, participate and benefit from the growth of the platform.
    • unitalent is a product of Switzerland-based NZ Group, who are seasoned experts in the freelance market with over $10 million of revenues since their founding in 2013.
    • unitalent is an end-to-end platform where high-skill freelancers and corporate clients meet, build teams, and execute projects. unitalent removes the administrative burden for both freelancers and clients and enables them to focus on what matters most: their work.
  4. Always include the following in the video description
    • Join the movement, own your work!
    • unitalent is a Swiss blockchain enabled freelancing platform. It gives access to high-skill freelancers, allows direct peer-to-peer contracts between freelancers andcorporate clients, and distributes project rewards transparently with smart contract secured transactions. unitalent is a highly scalable platform that will ease the transition to independent work, increase efficiency and is a win-win for workers, companies, and the economy.


1) Low Quality Artwork and Videos will not be accepted
2) Artwork and Videos must represent original work. You can use Official Images, Artwork and other content posted on any of the Official unitalent communication platforms such as the unitalent website, YouTube channel, Twitter and Telegram.
3) In the Description of the Video you must have one link of the official unitalent website
4) Videos should be be more than 1:15 Minutes long, shorter than that will not be taken into consideration. Animated Videos can be shorter than that.

See the other unitalent Bounties here: Instruction of Unitalent Bounty Program.

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martin garix | Posted 1 month, 3 weeks ago

This comment is not available, it has been removed for violating the code of conduct

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Elric Drost | Posted 3 months, 4 weeks ago

Nice bounty campaign! i will look in to this. Keep it up guys!

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