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Before participating the bounty, please read the Instruction of Unitalent Bounty Program.


Medium Article Bounty Program:

Unitalent has allocated max 30,000 TAT tokens for the “Medium Article” Bounty Campaign. In order to participate you must follow the rules and guidelines below. 


How to join:

1. Sign-up on the Crowdholding.


2. Follow Unitalent on Medium


3. Write an article about Unitalent, and pubish it on Medium.


4. Register and report progress in this FORM.



5 stakes for a small article of 150 - 300  words;

10 stakes for an average article of 301-500 words;

30 stakes for a big article of 501-800+ words.



Write an article about Unitalent in ENGLISH

Article must be public and indexed by Google;

Article must contain 1 link to our website ( ), 1 link to our whitepaper (Whitepaper), links to our Medium (

Your article must be unique. ( maximum 20%)

1 article - 1 participant.

All content will be judged on the basis of quality, traffic, views and social media reach.


Spam, abuse, and insults;

Use of Google Translate or others - this will be manually checked;

Articles on private resources or behind paywalls.

Articles written in another language will not be rewarded.


Please note:  

Each reward will be paid to a contributor depending on the number of stakes which he/she has collected. A Stake is determined individually depending on each Bounty Program. The limits of the stakes will vary between 5 and 15 TAT a stake. Thank you!

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