Opporty is a decentralized, self-regulated knowledge-sharing community platform and service marketplace. The platform offers a decentralized Escrow system and blockchain-powered contracts


Opporty is a service marketplace on the Ethereum blockchain. It takes the best of blockchain technology (with all of its security, resilience, and impenetrability) and the on-demand business model, establishing trust in B2B and B2C interactions. Opporty takes business transactions to an entirely new level by creating many opportunities for cost-efficient lead generation and brand promotion.

Opporty caters to small and medium businesses that suffer stiff competition from established brands and corporations. Their goal is to assist small businesses in becoming more competitive by means of technology. Specifically, Opporty solves two fundamental problems: The problem of promotion and the problem of implementing standards to establish trust. Through strong smart contracts, a decentralized escrow and innovative knowledge-sharing and lead-generation systems, Opporty gives smaller businesses a supportive platform to help them survive in a competitive environment.


Website: https://opporty.com

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Telegram: https://telegram.me/opportyico

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