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About our Inventor Program: What do you think?

About our Inventor Program: What do you think?


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About our Inventor Program: What do you think?


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Here at Otto DIY we hope you are staying safe. While a lot of us are stuck at home, including our team, we have more time for DIY hobbies. So this is the time to build some amazing things.

We have a new program that allows our customers to make Otto inventions a reality. A model where community members can submit robot inventions and Otto DIY helps manufacture those inventions to sell globally. On top of that, the inventor will receive royalty earnings from every robot sold. Pretty cool yeah?


It is basically like a new Otto REMIX challenge. Otto REMIX challenge was a past competition where our customers submitted entries to us and we voted our favorites. But this time for the winner, we will place it on our official online shop to sell.


Once an order is made, we will 3D print that newly designed robot and send out the day it’s sold. For the test round, the plan is to sell exclusively 10 kits per design initially.


Why 10 you may ask? This allows us to determine if the model works and the willingness for people to order. It also gives us the testing ground to determine all costs, especially shipping. In the future we envision creating a big community marketplace, where you as Otto Builders are now ¨Otto Inventors¨ and can share your creation. Within days can sell your robots.


Here is a chart that shows how it will work:

Otto Inventor Program

                                                  Community Journey Model of our Inventor Program


As you see, the first step involves what a lot fo our customers already do. Design their own robots & 3D print them. Next, they submit and showcase the robot, once we as a community agree which ones are the best, we will work together to adjust the details to make it feasible. Lastly, we will place it on our store to sell. When the first sale comes in, we produce it and ship it out within 24 hours. In return, the inventor from the community earns a royalty from each item that is sold.


Do you like it? Does that interest you? Do you have a 3D printer? Or if you did, is this a hobby you would be interested to try? Feel free to comment under this article and earn YUPs



UPDATE: Already launched HERE!

Let's create the coolest robots that bring us together as inventors of education and technology. Thanks everyone, and again stay safe.

You can check us out at our Otto DIY website. Feel free to follow us on Facebook & Twitter.


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It's an interesting project thanks to this community for bringing it into consideration 

1 day ago

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2 days ago

Stop Bondiola

Con más de 60 años de edad y 40 de profesión, podría tener algo para decir.

Yes, I like it.

I specially like the community revision process.

However, I specially regret the need to use Google Play to download the App and the Windows only version of software.

Best regards,


6 days ago

Karen M guru

Why do you regret the need to use Google play?

1 day ago

Kim R senior

Do you like it? Does that interest you?

It is interesting to have a project like this that focuses specifically on robots.  It could be a good way to help makers see their ideas become a reality and avoid the huge issues with manufacturing and sourcing required for a product.

One queston I'd ask is how do you define a robot vs. just an automation?  Are there specific features needed to be considered for inclusion? 

ALso, how is the amount of royalty determined?  Do inventors retain longer-term ownership, patents, etc. related to the product?  I know that there have been prior "invention help" companies that have been sued for basically stealing  ip ownership and profits from a longer term viable project.  Do you provide inventors protection in terms of IP ownership?

Do you have a 3D printer?

I don't have a 3D printer but I do have access to one and I have used it for projects in the past.

Or if you did, is this a hobby you would be interested to try?

It would be something I would be interested in trying IF, by doing so I wasn't giving away my IP and the right to a large amount of future royalties and profits if my invention was extremely sucessful.



2 weeks ago

Karen M guru

Otto seems to be a very innovative company. Your products and ideas will surely be popular among the masses. Kids are learning tech at a younger age all the time. This will bener them greatly. I personally do not have a 3d printer though I did invest in a 3d printer company because I believe in the technology. I probably wouldn't use one for anything, but my step-son has one and he does use it for his business. I can see many people benefitting from this. Great work Otto!

2 weeks ago

De Gem guru

Cryptocurrency enthusiast, avid reader, rapper and SDG advocate.

I think I have said this before, that I couldn't agree more with this production strategy of the Otto team. I'm yet to have a feel of this as I'll have to order a product to find out. Even though plans have been put in place to avoid mass production without sales, with respect to selling, are there plans in place to enable quick sales?

Do you have a 3D printer?

No. And to be honest, I've not seen one in real life. I only watch 3D printing on youtube and read about it on blogs.

Or if you did, is this a hobby you would be interested to try?

Yes, very. I could even make a side business out of it here. Not many people are into that business here.

3 weeks ago

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3 weeks ago

If I'm quite understand your explanation, the inventor brings the idea and you do the analysis  and 3D design to see if the product will be sell able (that's useful and attract market) and after this has been affirmed positive you will do the construction and display for marketing or you build base on request and the investor will get royalty for the job.

Now, if the product is not sell able what happens, if there is design failure or any other issue during the production and eventually the product failed in the market what will be the position of inventor, knowing fully well that he did good work but production failed the project?

Also,all things being equal don't you see the inventor be at the disadvantages for to be rewarded with just a royalty.

And finally, wouldn't there be swindled, I.e stealing of ideas?

Thank you

3 weeks ago

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3 weeks ago

m. Bielcik

odpoved : vysvetlit prečo majú ludia niekoho počúvať . aby sa dozvedeli

presne tak

2 weeks ago

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3 weeks ago