Decentralized Data Exchange for the Travel Industry

In the travel industry, majority of businesses are not aware of a customer until he or she made a purchase decision like booking tickets, tours, hotel, etc.. Moreover, they often lose track of customers after they have made a purchase and spend additional money on attracting new ones.

Furthermore, businesses have no access to personal information which would be key to corporate strength, and customers normally have no means to control their data transition. They do not even benefit from the data being used by third parties.


Our Mission is to provide equal access to all players of data exchange and give control over personal data back to the users so that they can submit their personal data by themselves to ensure they receive custom-designed offers in accordance with their personal preferences.


This is why we create TravelChain — A decentralized platform for data exchange in the travel market where users submit their personal information and receive a benefit for it.


With our user managed blockchain ecosystem, we will establish new standards of how people will be traveling in the nearest future.


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TravelChain: Decentralized Data Exchange for the Travel Industry

Hello Crowdholding community! TravelChain has successfully completed the token sale.   TravelChain is decentralized blockchain-based platform which provides accessible and authentic smartdata to let business know their clients better and to help travellers experience the best customer service. The platform will store all data about travelers and travel businesses. TravelChain is the core of SmartTravelling Ecosystem, while TravelToken is its fuel.   It’s up to users to control their data and decide when and who will see it; and each time they give permission to use their data for business purposes, they get rewards in TravelTokens. By analyzing the data, companies grasp travelers’ wishes even before they realize them. So eventually, everyone gets their personalized offer. For example, if an Italian restaurant receives a notification that some fans of Italian cuisine checked in at the neighboring hotel, it can offer them a special discount. By doing so, the restaurant will also save money planned for less efficient traditional advertising. So TravelChain will allow small-to-medium businesses to go head-to-head with huge corporations. We will create SmartTravelling, a new standard of travelling providing clients with a variety of lucrative offers. We aim to help application developers as well: thanks to our unified, decentralized and open to all database, they can focus on creating their applications and monetize them using TravelToken.   Please visit our website for more details about our project! TravelChain website: You can also check out our first application based on TravelChain platform - TravelAI    Please answer the following questions for completing the task: What are your thoughts about TravelChain project? How do you think about our solution for travel industry? What difficulties and challenges we might face along the way? What advantages and opportunities we might have?   We are looking forward to your feedback!
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