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Hi Crowdholders,

We are thinking of expanding the user profile and adding a space where users can list conversation topics they are interested in, to give other people an idea of who they are and for others to identify if they would have something in common to talk about. (If you are not familiar with how the app works please check the video on our profile and/or our website :) )

Hence my question for you today is this:

a) What would you put as your own 5 favorite conversational topics?

b) Should we limit it? Allow people to pick one of the pre-defined options in order to avoid stupid/rude things like “sex/blowjobs/drugs” etc.

Make sure to respond to both questions!

Cheers & looking forward to your responses!


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Ethan Loosbrock

Well researched in startups. Startup employee currently.

a) Startups, Science, Philosophy, Engineering, Energy
b) Yes you should limit it, both in number of selections and in what categories are available. Limit the number in order to avoid clustering people with widely varying levels of interest in topics (maybe a ranking system would fix this?) as well as focusing users' attention on things they are truly interested in. Predefined options are good, but you could add an 'Add your own' or 'Other' option which requires admin approval before being accepted.

6 months ago

Hi, i would put sports, investing, relationships, education, world peace.
I think if its limited, users will miss out on many interesting topics, unless there was a wide variety, catering to a wide range of cultures, as the internet is world wide, hence the www.
Thank you.

8 months ago

great answer, your a genius.

8 months ago

I think topics of conversation are useless #books #travel #Friends #music #family

9 months ago

A) politics, culture, lifestyle, sport and music
B) it's hard to say... Sex attracts many people, but do you want to become a sex-app? I don't think so... that's why I think a light filter against vulgarity could help: you are still free to talk about sex, but without offensive worlds.

9 months ago

A) Electric cars, economics, psychology, parties, vinyl records.

B) I think you should allow people to put whatever they want as a topic for now. It'll make it easier to identify the people who are interested in stuff you aren't i. E. Hookups

9 months ago

First of all, I love the idea behind ImpromptMe and I think it is trying to solve a legitimate problem: it's nearly impossible to actually make new friends/connections offline nowadays.

A) I couldn't possibly limit myself to 5 topics that I'm interested in. In fact, there are only 2 topics I'm generally not interested in discussing with anyone else: politics and religion. I think that each person should make their own decisions on those two subjects and frankly no one seems to ever change their mind on them so why bother talking about it? Also, nearly all conversations on those 2 topics tend to get heated/unfriendly quickly, which is the opposite of what people want when using an app like this.

B) I don't think censorship is going to help you here. Look at tinder for example. It started as a purely sexual hookup app and now it's basically the main dating app as well and lots of people I know use it to just meet new friends. Ebay started off as a marketplace for collectible hot wheels toy cars of all things, and look at what it has become. This was the result of allowing the user base to dictate the path of the company.

I think it's better to let the users define how they want to use the app, rather than trying to lead them in a specific direction. As InSomnius Joe pointed out, drugs are a legitimate area of interest for many people (otherwise where is all that money coming from?), and of course blowjobs are too. There's nothing wrong with allowing users to meet people with similar interests after all--it's the whole point of the app. I do think that there should be a checkbox for "adult/sensitive" topics in the user settings so that people can opt-in/out of those types of subjects at will.

C) I think the best way to generate conversational topics is to simply take the top X number of terms that users input into the app and use those as default options, with an additional option to create custom subjects. If enough people use that custom subject, it can become one of the default options over time.

9 months ago

Hi Morgan, thanks for your feedback! It's always a pleasure to hear our concept resonates with hearts of others :)

9 months ago

a) Travel, Finance/investing, psychology, foreign languages (a topic for each language, and also maybe a "miscellaneous" topic if you want to meet someone with a random interest.

b) You could limit the topics but then allow users to suggest new topics. Users could input new topics for approval, and, as long as they are appropriate/follow your guidelines, you could approve them. That would help eliminate the people who take the platform as a joke, but it would still allow people to connect with people with the same interests.

9 months ago

a) Travel, Education, Fittness, Gardening, Finance, Technology\
b) I think you should limit by providing pre-defined options

9 months ago

a) weather, traffic, money, celebrities and personal health issues.

JUST KIDING. (*^ω^*)

In my head, I only have favourite topics, but really don't have favourite conversational topics.

I like to go to bars to meet new people, because you don't know another person almost totally, including each other's favourite conversational topics. The game of the conversation is to look for common topics, to find common among differences. You always can have good times with different people with totally different topics.

By spending 2 seconds on the screen for choosing a common topic, you already prejudged and expected certain outcome from another. Reality is often mismatch with your expectation, and lead to dissatisfaction.

Why not meet someone for knowing each other's story and finding something in common, rather than meet for a familiar topic with a prepared "speech". Meet for people, not for reason. Conversational topics may not be necessary.

This is just my personal opinion. I think your users would love to see more functions, and probably reject my suggestions.

Don't forget to collect these data! Your team can analyse them for further product optimisation.
For example, from people who meet for Topic Smoke Pot, only 70% are satisfied for the meeting. Why so? After combining with other data, out of these 70% satisfied, 90% of them choose park for meeting ; out of these 30% not satisfied, 85% of them met at police station. Now, when two people want to meet for Smoke Pot again, your app can warn them that better not take this conversation at police station. :-D

b) Lastly, avoid “sex/blowjobs/drugs”, although no one can excluded them from life. :-P

I wouldn't use those words that obvious. I probably set meeting time at 420pm or 609pm. Or setting topics like "Molly and Mary", "Park to Spark" ^_^

9 months ago

"Meet for people, not for reason" - Totally agree with you and that's the reason why we haven't had anything like this in there before. However, seems that only small amount of people has this mindset :)

9 months ago

a) UX&UI, sci-fi books, rock&roll music, deep house music (I know - weird combo!) , conspiration theories

b) Definitely keep it open! I took a look at other's people comments and I understand that it could be problematic for you guys, but that's the same as in any other app where there is user generated content involved. If people want to do stupid shit, they can just as well add it into the "about me" section, you can't ever fully prevent it. So my suggestion (as well as other people's who have commented already) is to keep it openned and give other user an option to mark something as "inappropriate". Apart of that, give users a freedom - at least for the start - and see what happens. You can react to it later.

Good luck! I really like what you are doing & hope it comes to my country one day! :)

9 months ago

a) Sports, Finance/Markets, Music, Bonsai/Gardening and Travel

b) I think you should limit by providing pre-defined options because that would also allow you to match people based on compatible interests.

9 months ago

Hi :)

My answers:
a) humanity, systems/ideologies, psychology, startups, life

b) This is hard because of course you can't prevent people from being meanies. However, I think that you shouldn't limit topics at the beginning because people like InSomnius Joe have awesome topic ideas and I wouldn't want to miss out on what he is really interested to talk about just because it is not an option. And accounts can always be reported if they are offensive or not appropriate.

Peace, Alex.

9 months ago

Hi ImpromptMe,


1. Interesting, fun and silly facts
2. Sciency stuff including psychology and philosophy
3. My hobbies: Movies/Chess/Crypto
4. Life / stories / experiences
5. Random stuff (A fun list is the 36 questions list cf.


Yes and no. This is a tough one because if someone puts "likes to talk about blowjobs" in their description it might be better to know beforehand if you'd want to meet someone like that. But it's tricky because you might find a lot of trolls and create a negative image for the product. So I guess it all depends. If it's just a funny thing to say; I see no harm. The thing is that I doubt many people will put such thing on the profile given that they have to use their real name.

Kind regards,

9 months ago

Most people love sex :) Rude sex is OK and sometimes stupid sex too!

I wouldn't limit it unless you limit it in a very broad fashion, how could Joe tell anyone he was a biohacker otherwise?

For innapropriate things you can have a report innapropriate things button and a kind office person to review and maybe remove it it.

You can upgrade the idea by allowing other people to upvote tags a user has. If a user knows his sex things, for instance he can get a tag from the recipient and so now he has sex +1, good information right there.

a) deconstruction, technology, religion, society, 6pack abs

9 months ago

InSomnius Joe

I solve problems for a living - combining knowledge from many areas of life

a) Movement (Sport), self-improvement, human nature, philosophy, experimenting

b) Limit or not.
We will be dealing with something similar at my work so with some thinking and research already done I'd suggest following.
Limit it at first to some wide-encompassing topics, use it then to also use as a filtering or matching input into an algo and help people find something more specific.

You can also use it as part of a game, something like "Today I want to talk about ____" or "Today I want to have my comfort zone expanded (talk about something new)".

Later on you can make it more free with more users and use it as Tags where you can see how many people are "part of that tag". This requires bigger development and UX time and also more Users to make it feasible. That's why I suggest the first approach first.

c) I just want to react to the Drugs thing. Drugs are cool :D. There are nootropics (smart drugs), psychedelics ("soul drugs"), performance enhancing drugs, supplements, etc.
As a Biohacker I'd love talking about all kinds of drugs :).

9 months ago

Fantastic response as always, Joe :D c) made our whole office have a good laugh :))

9 months ago

InSomnius Joe

I solve problems for a living - combining knowledge from many areas of life

Drugs are fun, call your local political representative :) :D

9 months ago