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Hey guys, here is a question for those of you living in London. Does any of you know current students or even better, members of university student clubs? We will soon hold a lottery-like competition in London and I'd like to ask you to help me spread the word. All the info is on our website hence if you know anyone please refer them to the website or directly to me and let me know, so I can figure out some way to reward you individually! :) Cheers!

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TulasiKrishna I | Posted 5 months, 4 weeks ago
Jpm Magno | Posted 6 months ago

My husband studied in the Universty of Sunderland London. I will email some students

Sukron Mahmud | Posted 6 months ago

what is a londoner?

Dance Fly | Posted 6 months ago
Steven De Baets | Posted 8 months ago

I'm not a londoner sadly. But you might want to reach out to suppoman on youtube. He's from London if i'm not mistaken, and I think he might like your project. You could do an interview. Recently he did an interview, so he might be up for that.
(Additional tip - in a recent youtube video he said (rightly so) that the community needs to be more supportive of women in the crypto sphere, given it's now male dominated). Please keep in mind that the audiences on youtube are mostly testosterone fueled mad 'boys' (I don't call them men; they've got to earn that); so please do not take comments personally, and don't feed the trolls.

Here is a link to his youtube channel:

Another youtuber from England (could be London) is Crypto Daily, but he is currently in America. But nonetheless he might still assist you in some way. If I were a famous youtuber and someone from my city got into the crypto world, I would be more open for a collab.

Here is a link to his youtube channel:

I recommend you try to contact those two.

@other users of this platform: could you guys perhaps give some links/make some posts on your forums/ Facebook groups reaching out to locals.

Good luck!

Kind regards,

Andrea Knopová | Posted 8 months ago

Thank you, Steven! Will try those two right now and keep you posted if anything comes through :)

Steven De Baets | Posted 8 months ago

Awesome. and just as a side note; I know you intended 25-35 age range, but please consider the older generation (40+). They have more time and money. I believe that they could be quite a big market.

I know this is way of from your plan; but someday in the future you could maybe go to retirement homes even and show them about your app. Perhaps even make a spin off app to bring people together. I know several government programs over here who try to bring together people who are having a hard time in life and just need a buddy (someone who they can go do something with, or help them go shopping, or just go to the movies with, have a talk etc.) Yes, I know not as hip and cool but a big market and it addressees a huge societal need.

I like the concept nonetheless and wish you success in your pursuit!

Andrea Knopová | Posted 7 months, 4 weeks ago

Hey! This is actually not so far away from our plan, just a bit distanced in the future :) I totally agree that involving older generation is important and at the very very beginning, we were going to target them at first. However, our research has shown it's not the smartest way to proceed hence we are approaching the market from the other side. Where are you from if I may ask? US?

Steven De Baets | Posted 7 months, 4 weeks ago

Dear Andrea,

I'm from Belgium.

A marketing tactic to consider in a distant future is to create a spin off version of your app and market it as non profit volunteering: Contact schools,pension homes; homeless shelters and other non profit organisations. I believe that with some form of government / (non profit)business relationships you could reach a huge market with this concept. So one app is more focused on hip/trendy/fun another is focused on non profit volunteering. I know there are many groups of people who would benefit from this app; but it might be better to market it as a different product. Just copy paste the app- add a different name and double the chances of success.

Best of luck.

Kind regards,