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What do you think of the video & the description?

What do you think of the video & the description?



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What do you think of the video & the description?


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Take a look at the video and read the short description on our profile. What are your thoughts about it?
Does it sound like a project you’d like to be a part of? (Please keep in mind we are currently live in Prague and London only)

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As we are knowing of many ways here to get the snapchat account details, this can be so useful.

1 month ago

It's nice but not very attractive. I would suggest to shorten it and make it more dynamic by posing personal questions and faster shots.

10 months ago

IMO: The phone overlaying the video is a bit static and distracting. Would be better to see the app being used as part of the video's narrative. The voice over was a bit dull but coherent - could it be shorter? Also, the video has a corporate feel, suggesting the app is for networking whereas the description made me question whether this was a dating app. I don't think I understand the purpose of the app from either piece of content. I really like the phrasing 'Text less, talk more' and am a big fan of encouraging more face-to-face interactions. Good luck!

10 months ago

Thank for the comment!

There is still work to be done on the video (my first editing ever, haha!) Will keep all of you and others comments in mind while re-doing it!

As for the presentation itself, there is a big question on how to present it. We are aiming more for the corporate look just because we want to avoid the immediate association with dating. Sadly, the majority of people today think of any social app immediately as dating, which is not where we want to get. But that will be a topic for another task!

10 months ago

Firstly, I fully agree with the observations made by Daz Revill.

As an extra observation I'd like to put up a question that immediately came to my paranoid mind: How will the app protect it's users from scams / ill intention people (the kind that put weird things in other peoples drinks and take them home) or should elderly people use this; younger people that try to get some money out of it. Anyway, you get where I'm going with this. So as a potential consumer I'd like to know this. It's quite the mental hurdle to meet with a stranger (at least where I'm from it is). Perhaps you add a feedback or rating system? But that could also lead to cyber bullying or just trolls who call everyone bad names. Difficult.

It would also be perhaps interesting to add a paying feature for tourists to book a local guide who can create a custom "day trip". Just a random idea.

Good luck on the project!

10 months ago

Hi Steven! You've raised some very interesting questions. I'll respond to them briefly but won't go into too many details as I'm planning to keep them for another task :)

- Ill intention people are everywhere and that's not something anyone can ever fully prevent and it doesn't matter if you start a conversation with someone in a bar, head out with a new colleague or meet someone from the online world - it always comes down to you being cautious and using your common sense.
Based on our research though, the majority of those scams evolve online, where those people have a long period of time to build up their story and make the other party trust them. Then it's quite simple to arrange an in-person meeting in a park, lonely part of the city or even one's apartment. This is also the part of the reason we believe that when somebody wants to meet new people, they should meet them straight away - as the stranger they are, instead of coming to believe they know one another. This is the main reason why we allow those initial meetings via our app to be organised in public places only.

As for the review - you are absolutely right. It's a must-have for our app. At the same point, we are balancing on the edge of people misusing it and as you said - using it for kind of cyber-bullying. We have a few ideas of how to solve that and I'm looking forward to throwing this in as one of the next tasks and hear what you have to say about that :)

10 months ago

I like your design and especially your logo. Also the description is very expressive and sums quickly up, what you want to reach with this project. The video has a good and professional quality, but I think the duration is a bit to long and background-music a bit under-toned. But, you can see it for your self in your YT-Statistics how long the view-time in average is. I also find your concept very interested, because it is something more personal than other platforms. But these other platforms, have a huge market share. Do you think you can be once competitive in this market?

10 months ago

Hi Patrick, Thanks for the comment!

I love that you understand what we are doing and (hopefully!) resonate with our concept! The video definitely needs a shorter version as well, agreed. This is the first version which is focused on telling the whole story, not necessary the promo video for social media.

Regarding our chances... I have my hopes up. It's time somebody came up with the concept of a social app which truly brings people together in person. That's why we are targeting London as our initial market, also called "the loneliest city in the world". But that's something for the next task, alternatively for a separate discussion on our telegram channel.

10 months ago

Hey guys, the bar for new tech companies introduction videos is set incredibly low, so yours makes the cut. It could be edited down to 20 seconds though.

Second important bit is, voiceovers sucks, unless you're shooting high altitude drone footage or reading bedtime stories, for project like yours you need a knowledgeable and energetic (hopefully likeable too) young person that can show some enthusiasm for the projects, right now the general feels is.. lets get this over with. Please don't show app functionality as a main feature of an intro vid, there are beta versions of the app to showcase the functionality.

It's not all bad though, the moment when the phone finally gets off screen and the dude in the background strikes a winning pose owns

10 months ago

Hi & thanks for the feedback!

To follow up:
- Will make another, much shorter video. This one is more functionality based.
- Yeah... it pretty much was the case, hahah. Will give her another try now that she can see the video with it!
-Yeah, my favourite bit :0

10 months ago

this might sounds like im being a d*ck, but i just want to see you guys improve.

*whoever is talking on that video sounds dead inside

*audio was not mixed or edited

*the background music needs to be abit more uplifting, its to relaxing.

*in a world where every college student has adhd you really need to get to the point.

*the script sounded like hippie explaining to me how people dont talk and connect anymore man..

*i might be wrong but you showed the app in the video but didnt describe anything about it, or about any feature that are found in the app.

* the most successful ads are not clips of people setting in a bar. there interacting with the viewer breaking the 4th wall.

*it doesnt matter what the app has or doesnt have sadly in this market,you need to focus on marketing.

*a signup bonus or offer would be great

*give a face to the company

*jokes maybe

10 months ago

Hahah, no worries Gio! Honest feedback is what we need right now - cheers!

- I'd just say she was very nervous - her first time doing the voiceover. Taking the note and will do it again!

- You're right. I didn't edit that at all as I'm planning to exchange it for better once I find something suitable

- Uplifting. Got it :)

- Yup, already planning on making a much shorter version for these :D Good point!

- That was exactly the point we wanted to get across as it's the truth for thousands of people especially in cities like London. Did it leave a bad impression on your mind?

- The whole point was to show the process 1.pick a person 2. set a time 3. choose a venue 4. go there - was this clear or not while looking at it?

- You're right. But that's currently outside of our budget at this very moment I'm afraid... But give us a few months!

- That we do :) Giving away credits to use for freebies, but that's part of the campaign, not part of the video

- You mean in the video already?

10 months ago

The description is fine and tells the story.
I am unsold on the phone graphic in the video, I think it is used for too long and is distracting and unnecessary. I would probably use it in a more 'over the subjects shoulder' view and for a shorter amount of time, which would feel more engaging than looking at an unfamiliar app layout. I think you have a great concept, and I would spend more time giving different visuals/examples of the possibilities (shared interest groups, meeting for lunch, sports meets etc.) Your video seems to focus mainly on working age professional users, I would say diversifying the content to include different groups could broaden the appeal as well, there are large demographics you could get into to push this forward. Groups such as the older generation are currently receiving media attention due to the 'loneliness epidemic', as well as support groups, or even job hunters, or stay at home parents. Just putting a nod towards two or three of these groups could make your video appeal to far more people.

10 months ago

Hi Daz, awesome feedback!
- Video needs to keep improving, agreed 100%! (it's my first editing ever and you can tell, hahah!) I'll do another one and try to squeeze it into 1/3 of the total time.
- Great point, but this functionality is not currently implemented in the app - will save this one for the future :)
- True that! That's on purpose. We aim to target other age groups as we go but right now our main target are students and young professionals, who suffer from the epidemy of loneliness and anxiety just as well unfortunately

10 months ago

Couldn't have put it better. Have my vote!

10 months ago

First thing, I am a young and energetic guy and in my honest opinion, the first thing that comes to my mind is to be able to meet more ladies in the area.

Second thought will be to be able to meet people who have the same interest. Say, for example if I am near a football field, I might be able to find some friends to play together.

But with such innovative social app, you may want to think about what if people use your app to do less moral stuffs, for example, vice activities. Are you going to allow it, or not? Thats something you want to think about.

10 months ago

Hi Alex, great feedback!

1) Hahahh, good point. It's up to you to decide whom you want to meet (But we will prevent people from using it purely as dating and putting others into uncomfortable situations - but that's for another task here :) )

2) We have planned this kind of sports activities for the future. Right now it's all about food, cafes, and drinks and then it's up to you to organize something more after you've met the given person and got along

3)That's the exact reason why our users can organise the initial meeting in cafes, restaurants, and bars only. Hence the initial meeting is as safe as it can get (or at least as much as we have managed to think about it) and then again, it's up to people what they decide to do next.

10 months ago

For dating there are other apps like Tinder. It is difficult too find "just" friends without any other interests on the other platforms. Like Andrea Knopová mentioned, it is something innovative, to help people find new people, maybe which same interests, without to get in this distress, which you can get from dating-apps.

10 months ago