Text less. Talk more. Enjoy your life, meet new people, share a drink or a bite with them & gain credits to spend in restaurants and bars along the way.


We believe in challenging the status-quo of traditional social-media platforms. We believe in the power & importance of face-to-face interactions. And we believe it’s time to make conversations human once again.


How? By creating a  platform with a non-addictive design, which speeds up online interactions, allows people to text less and talk more, and empowers them to create meaningful relationships with others.


And so we created a simple, straightforward app, which enables all of us to do just that: To go and meet someone new in a nearby cafe or a restaurant, start a conversation in person and take it from there. It is up to you to explore the potential of each and every encounter. Are you ready to take a chance? 


Does what we are saying resonate with you and spark your interest? We would love to hear from you! We may have started something, but it can only be as good as the people supporting it. We dare you to challenge the status quo with us and get on board.

Help us make a difference. 

Find out more at www.impromptme.com and join our group on Telegram https://t.me/impromptme_ime_app 

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