The World's Academic & Career Development Ledger

OS University is empowering 7 billion learners to connect to world's top academic education and professional development opportunities on the Ethereum blockchain.

By using smart contracts, we can minimise learners effort to find right opportunities for academic and career development. Smart contracts will be able to match current business needs with the right learners in a completely secure way, excluding middleman, giving more credibility points and bonuses to all participants.

Tokenized market between Businesses, Academia and Learners equipped with sophisticated matching algorithms excluding middleman. Providing all the necessary resources to every MOOC and academia striving to the feature when academic background will be transparent and traceable.

EDU is a ERC20 token, matching the latest EIPs standards. This token will be tradable. EDU holders will have priority access to exclusive offers. Limited Supply - only 34.8 million tokens will be sold.

Our team consists of renowned academicians, senior corporate executives, experienced public sector leaders, blockchain evangelists and social change-makers, united by the common strive to revolutionise the world of learning and professional development.

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