ITT is an artificial intelligence-powered trading assistant for the cryptocurrency markets.


ITT is an artificial intelligence-powered trading assistant for the cryptocurrency markets. Our Platform pairs traditional market trading concepts with today’s cutting-edge pattern recognition and machine learning capabilities. These technologies allow the software to continuously scan, analyze, and interpret the massive amount of information available.

ITT’s platform does the heavy lifting and analyzes all the relevant input data for cryptocurrencies, delivering game-changing trading ideas to you to execute. ITT trading bots can be customized to cater to your preferences for time of day, trading volumes, risk level, time horizons, among others.

ITT will monitor all of the relevant information, 24/7, on your behalf. ITT’s platform will automatically author a strategy, and it give you the commands to execute. Our intelligent bot (tier 2, scheduled to be released 4Q17) will be capable of self-programming and reprogramming to match changes in the market, adjusting indicator weights, and allow continuous optimization as an agent motivated solely on maximizing the trader’s hourly rate of return.

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Help us decide on our next technical analysis indicator!

Hello fellow crypto-enthusiasts!As you may or may not know by now, ITT (Intelligent Trading Tech) is committed to adoption and awareness of cryptocurrencies. Our mission is to help investors scan, analyze and interpret markets and price action 24/7 without having to go through the nitty gritty chart grinding, to help them decide what to buy, and when.At this point in time we are in the beta stage with a fully functional Telegram bot that sends out trading signals generated by the most popular indicators out there:Short & Long Moving AveragesRSI, Relative Strength IndexIchimoku Clouds (TBA)We'd love for the community to help us decide on what to build next and why.Please help us solve some of the following questions, but don't worry about answering every single one if you can't:What is the most useful T.A. indicator (other than the 3 mentioned) to you and why?In what kind of market does this indicator work best? Trending markets? Sideways markets?What kind of signs or values are you looking for when using this indicator?Does it work well specifically well for you in conjunction with a 2nd indicator? Which one?Do you use it for determining entry points, exit points, or both? How?Which timeframe or periods do you prefer while using it?What are some of the negatives sides of this indicator, if you had to name a few?We have a long list of features that will be supported in the future but would prefer to give you carte blanche regarding this task, in order to get the most untainted view possible from the community. Meaning there's a chance your favorite indicator will end up in our bot exactly the way you like it most!By the way, if you'd like to join and try out our beta bot, sign up for it and come say hello in our Telegram channel!Thank you all,The ITT Team.Website:
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