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Inspiring Musician looking for support to help bring her to the next level.

My Music

My music can be described as a fusion between Indie, Pop and Folk with intimate lyrics that feel like taking a look into my diary. Still I always write my songs to be uplifting for the listener, with an exchange of catchy melodies with unexpected changes. Especially for my solo performances I like to switch between various instruments like Bass, Bouzouki and Ukulele, always accompagnied by my suitcase kickdrum.

About Me

I started my musical career quite late at the age of 24 with regular gigs at bars and hotels, before I was just playing for myself and afraid to walk up on stage. After amazing experiences on my travels in Central America and the Southern USA where I met musicians of all kinds, got offered multiple gigs, started recording songs and played with professionals on the streets, I decided to make my passion also my main job. And despite all the difficulties, I couldn't imagine doing anything else in my life.

Why I am on Crowdholding

I love sharing my music with others, if it wasn't for the wonderful people who were encouraging and helping me on my way I wouldn't be able to sustain what I am doing. In the end, music means nothing when no one is listening to it. As I like to get feedback - praise as critics - to get better myself, it's important to have reactions on what I'm doing, and I like the idea of people not just listening, but really getting involved into my music and my work.

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