Please note that is currently in *beta*. The answers here are meant as guidelines, and many will change during the course of beta. Beyond following our basic terms and conditions, no one is obligated to anything by participating in the beta, so experiment, and have fun!

For the duration of the beta phase, we will have a ‘virtual crowdshares’ system. Crowdshares can be allocated to Crowdholders during this time, but there is no obligation to the project owners to pay out the Crowdshares. When we come to the end of the beta phase, project owners can choose to continue with the Crowdholding system or not, and if choosing to continue, then the virtual Crowdshares that have been allocated become ‘real’.
Note: This will require an ‘opt-in’, so don’t worry, you can’t get stuck being part of this if you don’t want to be.
One % revenue = 1 million Crowdshares.
From applications to gadgets to musicians. Anyone can use the crowd to help them succeed!
Crowdsourcing delivers innovation from thousands of people. Businesses can learn from the crowd to make the best product/service tailored to people most important to them. Their customers!
The money is distributed monthly to the crowdholders depending on how many Crowdshares they have earned. It appears as Credit on the website, which can be withdrawn (beyond $10) or spent.
Entrepreneurs can choose between 3 task levels. Easy, medium, hard.
– Easy = 10,000 Crowdshares
– Medium = 20,000 Crowdshares
– Hard = 50,000 Crowshares
Crowdshares are distributed by the percentage of votes for each comment in the response section of a task. Anyone who comments and gets a vote receives part of the Crowdshare reward!