Please note that is currently in *beta*. The answers here are meant as guidelines, and many will change during the course of beta. Beyond following our basic terms and conditions, no one is obligated to anything by participating in the beta, so experiment, and have fun!

Companies we have selected to join us for beta are not yet committed to sharing revenue. We appreciate people joining to test out the platform. There will eventually be an 'opt-in' phase, where project managers can choose to commit to the system..
Our initial focus is on fintech, but ultimately we aim to facilitate all shapes and sizes of project!
Crowdsourcing delivers innovation from thousands of people. Businesses can learn from the crowd to make the best product/service tailored to people most important to them. Their customers!
YUP are distributed to the Crowd depending on how much people have contributed to a project.
Projects can choose between 3 task difficulties. Easy, medium, hard.
– Easy = 5,000 YUP
– Medium = 10,000 YUP
– Hard = 15,000 YUP
People who participate in tasks will receive a share of the reward based on the votes they get from the community.