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Aerum raised funds with ICO Influencer Marketing

Aerum is a next-generation blockchain and a disruptor of the FinTech industry, creating a highly scalable smart contract protocols optimized for tokenization and trustless financial operations. In 2018, Aerum successfully reached their ICO soft cap. Not only a future leader in the blockchain space, but also a tio user of influencer marketing. The business has worked with Crowdholding to bring blockchain celebrities and social influencers for several campaigns to promote their disruptive blockchain technology.

When the business wanted to promote their new blockchain technology, they decided to team up with Crowdholding to create an influencer marketing campaign and attract popular blockchain influencers like Jay Park, Jake Shin, Crypto Robby, Malcolm Tan, Fionn Stakelum.


Youtube ICO influencer marketing

For their influencer marketing campaign, the blockchain influencers attended crypto-events on Aerum’s behalf, created content on high-profile blockchain news media and reached out to investors, raising from their channels over 1 million USD or over 30% of their ICOs soft cap.


At the same time, Aerum used Crowdholding’s extensive network of Youtube blockchain influencers who created a series of videos (Video 1, Video 2, Video 3 and Video 4) in which they integrated the business’s messaging into the individual themes of their channels. These videos alone had been viewed more than 25,000 times and received highly positive responses.


Aerum’s influencer marketing campaign helped attract the attention of crypto-investors and built buzz for the new blockchain technology. Raising brand awareness and building a network of blockchain-investors through influencer marketing is a successful strategy for all businesses in the blockchain space. Contact us today and experience significant growth with our ICO influencer marketing campaigns.


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